10 Reasons You Should See Your Hairdresser


10 Reasons You Should See Your Hairdresser
10 Reasons You Should See Your Hairdresser

Everyone loves to **save money **especially when it comes to beauty. We all want to look like a million bucks without actually spending it! Of course there are times you shouldn’t take shortcuts to save a buck and invest in a good hairstylist.

Reason #1

If you want to dramatically change your hair color you should definitely not DIY. (Find fabulous fall hair colors.)A shade or two darker or lighter is ok but if you are thinking of something more dramatic you should make an appointment with your hair dresser. She can better consult you on what shade will work for your skin tone and what would definitely be a don’t for you.

Reason #2

Also a dramatic haircutor something pretty complex should not be done at home. If you don’t have a friend that happens to be great at cutting hair, this is something where you need to make that appointment. If you want to save money think of something that would be easier to manage and wouldn’t look bad while it grew out so you don’t have to see your hair dresser every six or eight weeks.

Reason #3

Highlights!! Highlights are very complex and depending on the look you want to achieve you may be disappointed with the DIY highlights box you bought at the drugstore. Then it would** cost you more to repair** the damage you made with that DIY solution. Trust me, leave this technique to the pros.

Reason #4

Your hair needs to get thinned out. This technique is very difficult to achieve on your own and especially for people who have not gone to beauty school. Trust me this wouldn’t be a good look for you. Especially if you have been left with choppy hair. Hair dressers use a special technique with a special scissor to get this look. It’s very tricky to thin it out without going overboard.

Reason #5

You need to get a perm. First the chemicals can burn your scalp and damage your hair. This is another special technique that you should leave for the pros. They would also know with your facial structure what type of curl would be best for you and you will get a very even look.

Reason #6

You need a relaxer. I’m going to admit I give myself a light relaxer from time to time to calm my curls a bit but I’m also a hairdresser’s daughter that knows the ins and outs of a salon. Relaxers if done badly can burn your scalp badly, break your hair and just be a mess. This kind of damage takes a while to repair.

Reason #7

You would like to try extensions. If you bought it, it’s still yours! But to get a nice look you should definitely see a professional. You want to look like a movie star not a drag queen! (Check out Britney Spears extensions!)

Reason #8

You’re getting married. This goes without saying. You should definitely allow money in your wedding budget to get your hair done professionally. But one word of advice: Please don’t try a major change as far as haircut, color…whatever you think of. This is not the time to experiment with a new look!

Reason #9

You are pregnant. You need a professional to recommend what would be best for you. In this stage full of hormones you may want to do something drastic and you need someone to give you their honest opinion and tell you if cutting your long hair to a bob may want to wait. Also a hair dye is something you may want to speak to your doctor about before trying and definitely want to make sure you get the best products for you and your baby.

Reason #10

You want to try bangs and you don’t have any right now. There’s nothing to guide you so you definitely need to see your hairdresser to get the best bangs for your face shape. Once you** at least have the blueprint **if you don’t want to pay for your bangs for a while try to trim them. Also trim them dry and at the style you always have them. If you want to try a different set of bangs go right back to the hairdresser. They will usually do it for you for under $10 if that’s all you’re going to them for. I hope you liked my tips and you can have an idea of when you should book your appointment. Especially if you want to achieve your favorite artist or actress’s look definitely cut that page out of your magazine and take it with you to your hair appointment. (Check out Ashley Simpson's long bangs.) Together you and your hair dresser can determine if that is a good look for you.

Stay beautiful!

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in my town there are a lot of hair salon ..but i dont like

omg I tried at home highlights and turned my hair a bright patchy orange that cost a grand total of 100 dollars to fix myself... i could have gone to a salon and saved myself the hassle for that money!! lesson learned, don't try this at home!

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