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Hair Color for Fall Hello Golden Browns and Amber

By Olga

If you have blonde streaks on your hair like me, well, you have to set an appointment with your hairstylist because the **wild, over-the-top colors are out during the fall season. Instead, it’s back to the warm, “homey” colors — **soft golden browns and amber. As long as the warm brown diffuses around your face and as long as your face gets brighter or gets more enhanced because of your chosen hair color, then consider yourself “in.”

Say goodbye to ultra bright **and **fiery red hair. It’s down to the soft colors these days, ladies. Just check out the perennial hairstyle of supermodel Gisele Bundchen.
That’s a good one to maintain for fall. For those of you who don’t want to totally say goodbye to highlights, just tell your hair colorist to keep the hues toned down. Another good fall hairstyle trend to follow is **Jessica Alba’s **hairdo. Check it out:

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