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7 Ways to Find a Great Stylist ...

By Jennifer

Picture this: you’ve moved to a new town, too far from your current stylist. Or, worse, your current stylist has retired or moved away, leaving you in desperate need of a trim and a highlight touch-up. How can you find a new stylist you love just as much as your old one? Here are my seven tips on finding a new stylist… read on!

1 Network

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If you’re looking for a new stylist, ask your more fashion-conscious friends and co-workers who does their hair. Does the girl next to you at work have the cutest haircut? Does your sister always have the best highlights? Then ask them who is responsible, and book an appointment and start investigating!

2 Check Them out!

Check Them out!Photo Credit: `

Step two is to actually visit the studio and checkout the proposed new stylist. Do you like their clothes, their own hair cut, style, and color? If they’re sloppy, out-of-date, or too trendy or strange, then move on.

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3 Check out the Studio

Check out the StudioPhoto Credit: wip-hairport

Is the studio newer-looking, modern, and (most importantly) clean? Is it reasonably close to your home or work? If not, then pass. Try to find somewhere clean, modern, comfortable, roomy, well-staffed, and conveniently-located.

4 Check out Their Clients

Check out Their ClientsPhoto Credit: Sydney Michelle

Are the other clients also well-dressed and looking good? If the other clients are blue-haired biddies, or all Goth or Emo teenagers, then this may not be the stylist, or salon, for you. Try to find a salon where the other clients have similar tastes to yours.

5 Ask up Front

Ask up FrontPhoto Credit: The Blackbird

Before you make an appointment, find out how much basic services are, especially the ones you’ll be using. Also find out which days of the week your stylist will be working, so you know in advance how to go about working an appointment into your own datebook.

6 Check Scheduling

Check SchedulingPhoto Credit: Jess Gambacurta

Before you decide yes or no on a particular stylist, find out if they even have room for another client. Some stylists are completely booked, and will tell you honestly if they think they can handle managing your hair.

7 Ask for Specialties

Ask for SpecialtiesPhoto Credit: crows to burnaby

Also, ask your stylist, or his assistant, what his specialties are. Does he do the best color, but he’s horrible with highlights? Can he do precision cuts? Does he work better with longer hair, or specialize in short? It pays to know up front what he can do for you… and if he can maintain that adorable bob you have!

If you still can’t find a stylist after trying all of this, don’t fret! And, more importantly, don’t try to take matters into your own hands and give yourself a trim… disaster! Be patient, and keep asking around. You’ll find a stylist you love! How do you choose a new stylist? How did you find the one you use now? Please share your story!

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