4 Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Styling Tools


4 Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Styling Tools
4 Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Styling Tools

When it comes to styling your hair, you know that the products you use, such as shampoos, styling gels and so on are going to make a difference in your final look, but did you know that the type of styling tools you use will have just as much of an impact on your finished look as well?

I find that many women who I talk with believe that any old styling tool works just as well as the next. I hear things such as, 'My hair just doesn't hold a curl' or 'my hair wasn't meant to be straight'. I then ask them, did you ever think that perhaps it is not your hair but in fact the hair styling tool itself in which you are using? The response is usually that they do not want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on professional hair styling tools. Of course, I let them know that there is such thing as quality hair styling tools at affordable prices.

Now, to help you out before you go looking for your new hair straightening iron or hair dryer, I have made a list of the top 4, yes, only 4, most important things to look for when purchasing a hair styling tool, and of course, I have included why these things matter and how they make a difference.

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Ceramic Heating

A Hair dryer, hair straightener or curling iron that uses ceramic heating will cause much less damage on your hair. With the different hair tools comes different benefits. Hair dryers that utilize ceramic heat make for faster drying where as curling irons and flat irons with ceramic heat ensure the penetration of the silk molecules to the hair.


Ionic Technology

Ionic technology produces and emits negative ions which in return work to eliminate frizz, static and smooth out the hairs cuticle. For those of you who have fine or limp hair, stay clear from your roots if you are using tools with ionic technology as this can make hair fall flat as negative ions reduce activity in the hair.


Temperature Selection

This feature is more important than you may think. Not only is a constant high heat not great for your hair, but we do not all have the same hair type, therefore we do not all use the same temperature setting on our hair tools. For those who have damaged, over processed and/or fragile hair, lower heat settings are much safer for your hair. If your hair is thick, coarse and over all healthy, your hair can handle a higher heat. A higher temperature will also work much better in shaping stubborn hair. Look for hair straightening irons and curling irons with at least a high of 400°f.

When it comes to curling irons and hair straighteners I always suggest to my customers that they start on the lowest heat setting and work their way up until they find the temperature that works best for them.

As for hair dryers, temperature settings are just as important as they are beneficial. By using the cool shot button or the coolest setting on your hair for a minute or two once your hair is completely dry, you are working to seal your hairs cuticle and smooth the hair out.



Tourmaline is a semi precious stone that is crushed and then used in styling tools to produce even more negative ions as well as far infrared heat. Far infrared heat works to heat the hair from within, causing less damage. Combined, the results are shiny, smoother, healthier hair.

To find hair styling tools that acquire these 4 features visit My Hair Styling Tools, the place where you will find Professional Hair Tools ranging from hair straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons, professional hair scissors and much more ...

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Karmin!! Those have everything on this list :) Love their stuff

thank you , nice info, I have a great hair straightener that works amazingly, it's the Karmin G3 Salon Pro which has tourmaline ceramic plates and keeps my hair soft, shiny and super straight, I luv it :D

Nice nice post. thanks :-)

nice post, thanks for sharing.

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