7 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Roots ...


7 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Roots ...
7 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Roots ...

If you’ve got dark hair, going blonde can be very expensive. There's the cost of dye and most people’s roots will start showing through after two weeks and that my darlings is hardly sexy! Help is at hand though. Here are my top seven ways to get rid of dark roots!

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Hair Partings

Hair Partings If you see your dark roots showing through, don’t part your hair dead straight. By carefully parting your hair to one side, or in a slight zig zag, you’ll be able to hide any roots that look particularly bad without needing to change your hairstyle completely.

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Use Volume!

Use Volume! Volumizing your hair will make dark roots much less obvious, and no one will notice them. Get into the habit of using a spray and brushing hair upwards and blow drying your hair upside down! This will make your hair look healthy and bouncy and hide those roots!

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Don’t Slick It down!

Don’t Slick It down! Whatever you do, avoid styles that stick hair to your head as this will show off your roots and also make your hair look greasy. Avoid tightly pulled pony tails, dead straight hair and anything that ruins your volume, too.

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Camouflage Strands!

Camouflage Strands! This is my favourite tip, as hardly anyone knows about it! If strands are showing after you’ve styled your hair, find an eyeshadow that’s close to your shade and dip a wet eyeshadow brush in it. Rub it over the strand, and it’ll fit in perfectly!

Photo Credit: Jacklyn DL


Use Pressed Powder!

Use Pressed Powder! Choose a pressed powder and apply it to any roots that you can’t hide. As long as the powder isn’t too light, it should be undetectable, and will instantly lighten the appearance of your roots. You can even reapply while out and about!

Photo Credit: Jacklyn DL


Keep Hair Fresh!

Keep Hair Fresh! Wash your hair with a good shampoo and dry regularly. Dirty, oily, and wet roots look darker and greasier than clean,shiny hair, so keep yours in good condition to minimise their appearance.

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Use Accessories!

Use Accessories! If your roots are looking really bad, try covering them up with a hat or headband. While this doesn’t get rid of the problem, it means you can still look cute on your way to the salon!

Photo Credit: sydaustin

Dyeing dark hair blonde can be hard work, but by using these tips you can make it much cheaper, and still look gorgeous! Have you got a tip for hiding dark roots? Please share it with me!

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Wow I never knew that we could use powder to cover roots! That's an awesome tip (: I'm thinking about going blonde (or maybe just some highlights)haha. It's just a thought ^^

Thanks for those tips! I hate those roots that show up unepectidly and I have got no time to go to the hairdresser! Grr!

My hair never dyes the same color twice even with the same bottle of hair dye... So whenever my roots grows to about 3 inches I dye my whole head.


Let me tell you the easiest way :) Don't dye your hair, like me :)Sometimes I can't believe I resisted to all those temptation and I kept my hair with its natural color :). It is thin, long and blonde and I had problems with hair loss but I'm thinking what if I would have colored it,....where I would be now :) or better said, how would I be looking:). Did I mention that I just cut my hair 2 days ago? :)

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