10 Tips for Beautiful Nails ...


10 Tips for Beautiful Nails ...
10 Tips for Beautiful Nails ...

Beautiful nails are an essential part of a neat well-groomed appearance. Regardless of how well dressed you are or how groomed your hair is, a good impression of a person’s appearance can be marred instantly if they lack healthy and beautiful nails. When nails are dull, brittle and untidy, it’s time to take measures. We definitely don’t give our hands the attention they need, and take them for granted even though they play such an important role in everything we do. Here’s 10 Tips for Beautiful Nails.

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Nourish for Beautiful Nails

Nourish for Beautiful Nails The rate at which nails grow is determined by how nourishing and healthy the diet is. When nutrients are lacking it’s our bodies reflect it, it will show up even in the nails, as it does in hair and skin. For beautiful nails, the diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, such as brussel sprouts, papaya and kiwi, and, for example due to their supply of fatty acids, almonds are excellent food for beautiful nails. Additionally, make sure to drink plenty of water


Take Vitamin Supplements if Diet is Lacking

Take Vitamin Supplements if Diet is Lacking Vitamin B, iron and calcium are other important elements for nail health, so if you feel your diet is lacking, you could consider taking daily supplements. Get plenty of vitamin E, which is essential for beautiful nails and skin health. Find a high-quality vitamin E supplement from a health food store.


Chewed Nails Are Never Beautiful Nails

Chewed Nails Are Never Beautiful Nails Regardless of how healthy your diet is and how fast and strong yours nails grow, you must attack the awful habit of nail biting. Nail biting leaves nails messy and rough as well as brittle and frail causing them to break easily. Try chewing gum to control the urge.


Prevent Damage

Prevent Damage To help maintain beautiful nails, while washing dishes, doing gardening or housework, wear rubber gloves, as harsh cleaners and detergents can dry out the skin and nails, resulting in rough skin and weaker nails.


Strengthen for Beautiful Nails

Strengthen for Beautiful Nails Dissolve about half a tablespoon of sea salt into one liter of water and soak your nails daily for 20 minutes, this should strengthen your nails if repeated once a day until you see results.


Prevent Infections

Prevent Infections Humidity can cause fungus infections which will damage your beautiful nails. Always dry your hands thoroughly after doing dishes. Keep your feet as dry as possible by drying your toes thoroughly after swimming or showering. When wearing socks make sure they are breathable, cotton is the best material.


Trim and File Nails Often

Trim and File Nails Often Always use sharp manicure scissors and nail clippers and trim nails straight across. Smooth nail edges with an emery board. Remove the dead skin near the cuticles, and any dirt beneath the nails.


Moisturize for Soft Skin and Beautiful Nails

Moisturize for Soft Skin and Beautiful Nails Whenever your hands feel dry, or in the evenings before retiring, rub cuticle oil, petroleum jelly or castor oil into your cuticle and the surrounding skin every evening before you go to bed.


Polish Your Strong and Beautiful Nails

Polish Your Strong and Beautiful Nails Nail polish is a protective coating for your nails, preventing damage. Always apply base coat under the color. When color is not suitable, or if you don’t like it, use a clear polish.


Don’t Be Harsh on Your Nails

Don’t Be Harsh on Your Nails Be gentle, as acetone is drying on your nails, always use a non-acetone nail polish remover than contains oils.

These are simple tips to follow that won’t take that much time off your busy schedule, but if practiced regularly will guarantee you beautiful nails within a very short time. Perhaps the hardest obstacle to overcome is the nail biting habit but it definitely has to be broken for healthy and beautiful nails. A lot of people have been successful in breaking it; have you? Maybe you can share your experience.

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