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10 Tips for Sexy Beautiful Hands ...

By Jennifer

Think of all the things you do with your hands every day, from using them to apply make-up, shake hands when you meet someone new, prepare meals, type email messages… it’s no wonder, then, that sometimes our hands can look tired, dry, or just plain messy. How can you have beautiful, sexy hands every day, without spending a lot of time? Keep reading! Here are my tips for having soft, pretty hands… enjoy!

1 Protect Them from Cold

Protect Them from Cold It’s winter, and the cold, dry air can wreak havoc on your soft, delicate hands. Protect them from the cold! Wear gloves or mittens every time you go outside, and change them if they get damp from snow or rain. There are so many cute styles of gloves, from classic leather driving gloves, to adorable colorful knit convertible gloves/mittens. I just counted and I have thirteen pairs of gloves and mittens, in a variety of colors and styles. Not only so they keep my hands protected from the cold, they add another unique touch to my winter wardrobe!

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2 Wash Often!

Wash Often! Not only will washing your hands often help keep them clean, it will also prevent the spread of nasty cold and flu germs, among other things! When washing your hands, always use warm water, not too hot or too cold, and use gentle soap. Anti-bacterial soap isn’t necessary, but can be helpful. Get your hands wet, then use a dime-sized squirt of soap, and rub them together for as long as it takes you to sing the “Happy Birthday” song in your head. Rinse well and pat dry. If possible, use a little hand lotion after every time you wash. There! Perfectly clean, soft hands!

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3 Treat Injuries Immediately!

Treat Injuries Immediately! If you notice a strange discoloration or an infected hangnail or cut, treat it immediately! Most of the dirty work we do every day is done by our hands, which makes them susceptible to injury and infection. Keep a supply of anti-biotic ointment and small bandages with you in your handbag or backpack for easy first-aid, and treat even the smallest injury as soon as you can. If you notice something else, something that may indicate a medical issue, seek treatment with your doctor. Nail funguses are gross, not sexy!

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4 Don’t Bite Your Nails

Don’t Bite Your Nails People bite their nails for a lot of different reasons, usually because they’re nervous or anxious. Sometimes, it’s just a bad habit that’s developed over the years. Whatever the reason, now is the time to stop! Nails bitten down to the quick, torn and nubby and bleeding, are not pretty, and can spread germs! If you nibble or gnaw when you’re nervous, try to be aware of it, and find another outlet. Start today! Your nails will grow back in quickly, and you’ll see the reward to longer, pretty nails in only a week!

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5 Maintain Daily

Maintain Daily Make hand care a priority every day, and develop a routine that will only take a few minutes, so you’ll be sure to stick to it. After your shower, gently push your cuticles back with your bath towel. Trim or file any snags, then apply a light, greaseless lotion. Every few days, apply or touch-up polish. Once a week, use an exfoliating scrub followed by a paraffin or another deep-moisture treatment. For nail-care emergencies, carry an emery board and a small bottle of hand lotion in your handbag or backpack. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezie!

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6 Use Gentle Soaps and Cleansers

Use Gentle Soaps and Cleansers You may have noticed TV commercials lately for dish-soaps that boast they’re better for your hands. It may seem silly, but it’s true — most dish-soaps and other cleaners are far too harsh for hands than they ought to be. If you can, purchase soaps that are gentle, or that have added moisturizers. If you can’t, then try using gloves to protect your hands while you wash, scrub, and clean! Gloves will protect your manicure, too, so they’re not a bad idea.

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7 Watch for Spots

Watch for Spots Eek! Is that an age spot? I’ll never forget the first time I noticed that little “freckle” on the back of my hand that hadn’t been there before. Most of us forget to protect our delicate hands from the sun, even when we apply sun block to the rest of our bodies, so they tend to age quickly. Use a lotion with an SPF daily, even in the winter, to prevent age spots. If you already have a few, treat them with products like Murad’s Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel. Remember, spots look pretty on ladybugs, but not on our hands!

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8 Shake Them up!

Shake Them up! If you’re a typist, or just spend a lot of time using your fleet fingers for computer-related work all day long, improve circulation and decrease the chance of injury by taking frequent shake-breaks! What’s a shake-break? Here’s how it works: stop typing, hold your hands up so your fingers are pointing up, and shake them for about fifteen seconds. You’ll immediately notice a slight tingle (improved circulation) and you’ll also notice the big, bugling blood vessels on the back of your hands disappear! Take shake-breaks at least once an hour… much better!

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9 Have the Right Tools

Have the Right Tools Chances are, you’ll be doing most of your hand and nail care yourself at home, probably almost every day, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have the right tools. You’ll need to keep a good pair of clippers, a few emery boards, cuticle cream, and hand lotion. When you’re done using the clippers, make sure to rinse and dry them, so they’re clean the next time you need them! And also make sure not to share your tools with anyone else… except maybe your hand lotion. Unless you’re well-trained, don’t try trimming or cutting your cuticles at home… let a pro handle that, or you could end up with nasty cuts, and scabs aren’t pretty!

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10 See a Pro!

See a Pro! In my opinion, aside from keeping your hands clean, the best way to make sure you have sexy, soft hands is to see a professional once every two weeks! A good professional manicurist can suggest products and solutions for any issues you might have, and can also share the best gossip! I’ve also noticed I have a hard time applying polish evenly to my right hand, since I’m not left-handed. Plus, a manicurist will have hundreds of shades of nail polish, while you’re likely only to have a few! Bi-weekly manicures aren’t expensive, only about $30 a month, and are so worth it!

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See? It’s completely possible to have sexy, beautiful hands, even in the middle of winter! Honestly, it’s one of the first things people are going to notice about you, so it’s a great place to help make a good first impression! Which of these tips do you already use? What is your daily or weekly hand-care ritual? Please let me know!

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