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Say Goodbye to Facial Hair with Epicare Facial Threader ...

By Sheila

I'm sure all of you have had a phase when you've been too lazy to go to the salon to get rid of troublesome facial hair. And before you know it, you wake up looking like a distant uncle and then it's a screaming mad rush to the salon! If only it was okay for women to sport mustaches. Sigh!

Until that glorious day comes, I present to you a convenient, way to get rid of facial hair AT HOME without having to go through the trouble of waxing.

Make way for the revolutionary Epicare Facial Threader. Inspired by threading which is quite a common process for hair removal in Asia, this tool is your answer for all your facial hair woes.
How Does It Work?
Now how exactly do these colorful springs work? All you need to do is make sure your face is washed, clean and dry. Then bend the spring into an inverted "U". Place it on the part of the face that needs to be worked on and rotate Epicare in an inward and outward motion and voila! Also remember to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face afterward. I promise it's way simpler than it actually sounds. Take a look:

Why pick the Epicare threader?
For me the biggest reason would be the amount of money I'd be saving by not going to the salon ever so often. Imagine all the shoes I could eventually buy with that! :D Also the fact that I can do it myself in the privacy of my house! And for those with sensitive skin, you will never be exposed to any kind of harsh bleaches and chemicals with the Epicare Facial Threader. Even the smallest hair cannot escape the clutches of the Epicare. Oh! And it was featured on the Rachel Ray show! Enough said!
Does It Hurt?
I know the question of whether it'll hurt is brewing in your head... Honestly, since the threader does remove hair from the roots, there will be a slight stinging involved. But it's not going to be any worse than the sting you feel while waxing or threading.

And if you're tough enough to handle that, you are tough enough for this! The springs are made up of carvon steel and covered by hypo allergic material. As for how long each spring will last you. The company promises a 6-8 month lifeline for each of them maybe even more if taken care of and not exposed to dampness.
How Much?
It's price -** ****$16.99** for one at and free shipping within the U.S., add $1 for international shipping. And that my friends is a real bargain thank to the fact that the product's available directly from the only authorized distributor on the West Coast!
Where Else to Use It?
The Epicare threader is not just for your upperlip. It can be used on your chin, cheeks and neck areas. But they do not recommend using it on your eyebrows which is the only downside that I see. Then again, I wasn't ever good at shaping my own eyebrows. So I'm more than happy leaving that to the professionals.

Thanks to the Epicare threader there won't be any more "Who has a hairier stubble" contests with the boyfriend or was I the only one? :)

I'd love to know what you thought of it. Would you give it a shot or would you rather stick to waxing at home and other more traditional methods?

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