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10 Tips on How to Put Sunscreen on Your Own Back ...

By Melanie

Girls (and guys) who love going out and laying in the sun, have you noticed how hard it is to put that sunscreen on your own back? If you go out in public and do not feel like asking a stranger to give you a helping hand (I do not blame you), then you definitely need these 10 tips!

What is the hardest part of your body to apply sunscreen for you? For me, it is the** upper middle of my back**. No matter what I do, I just cannot get that darn sunscreen to go there! Even those out there that have the slimmest figure have a hard time getting this deed done.

Obviously, we cannot go without the sunscreen as our sun exposed skin instantly becomes prone to premature aging, skin cancer and other irregularities that are caused by those harmful UVA/UVB rays. The statistics of skin cancer are on the rise and I figured putting a post out there would help just a little bit. Especially those of you who live in warmer climates and like sunbathing. So, ready?
Tip #10
First, I have the “reach” method, which many of you know already. With this method, you get the sunscreen ready. Put it on your left hand and each over your right shoulder to rub it in. Reach as far as you can. Do the same on the left side with your right side. Next, rub it down the bottom of your back and you will be fine.
Tip #9
There is actually a roller tool for applying sunscreen lotion. This roller tool has gained a lot of popularity as it makes things a whole lot easier.
Tip #8
Bullfrog micro mist is also something that I like. This mist allows you to easily spray it on your back without having any problems. There is no need for you to rub it in.
Tip #7
The Neutrogena mist is also great for spraying on your back.
Tip #6
I also have a body lotion applicator that has a little head on the end of it. It has long handles that will allow you to put sunscreen on those hard to reach areas, such as your back.
Tip #5
Roll a Lotion Body Lotion Applicator (seen on TV) – This applicator is just like the name applies, it allows you to easily apply that lotion to your back. I know you will like this one as it makes things a whole lot easier.
Tip #4
This may seem strange, but there are sponges that attach to your wall that allows you to wash your back. Purchasing something like this, putting it on your wall, putting lotion on it and rubbing your back on it works. My friend actually tried it. Yes, I thought she was weird, but it worked.
Tip #3
Apply some sunscreen to a large wash cloth and act like you are drying your back with it. By doing this, you will be applying sunscreen to your back. Doesn’t it sound easy?
Tip #2
Why not just connect a sponge to a backscratcher? I know, you will think I am weird for this (feel free to tell me your opinion), but I found that this really does work. Just make sure it is a soft sponge.
Tip #1
Okay, okay…you could always ask your friend, kids or partner to apply that sunscreen to those hard to reach areas.

As you see, those ten tips really did blow my mind, but I just had to share them with you. Do you have any more tips that others and I could use in order to apply sunscreen to their back? Please do share!
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