5 Basic Skin Types - Which Skin Type do You Have ..?

By Amanda

5 Basic Skin Types - Which Skin Type do You Have ..?

Knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary in order to make a right decision about a proper skin care or treatment, which is suitable for your particular skin needs. The initial quality, or type, of your skin is genetically determined - meaning that you are born with it.

However, the health and beauty of your skin later in life largely depends on what you eat and how you take care of yourself. A popular Russian saying states that, after the age of 30, a woman looks the way she deserves …To always look great, the first step is to determine your skin type so that you can match it with the best recommended methods to improve your look and slow the aging process.
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Generally, we can single out five basic skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive, with each having particular characteristics and requiring specific care and/or treatment.

To determine your type, use a simple test** ** with a clean facial tissue (or paper) to wipe your face in the morning, when you have just woken up:

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Normal Skin

Normal Skin If you skin belongs to a normal type, the tissue will not reveal any traces of oil. Your skin should feel vibrant, elastic, and supple. Normal skin is the least problematic type.

It looks clean and smooth and has a good circulation and healthy complexion. Even with a minimum care, it will look good well into your advanced age.
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Dry Skin …

Dry Skin … If your skin is dry, the paper will be clean, too, but your face skin will feel flaky, dry, and tight after you have wiped it.

Dry skin can easily develop a sallow tone, wrinkles, and fine pores, and it is very prone to aging and irritating. It might still look great on a young person, but, to keep it healthy, you should apply thorough care and use regular skin or beauty treatment with natural masks and moisturizers.

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Oily Skin …

Oily Skin … If you have oily skin, the paper will have spots of facial oil on it, corresponding to the areas of your cheeks, nose, and forehead. Oily skin is problematic - it usually looks greasy, thick, coarse, and shiny, has enlarged pores, and tends to break into acne.

A good thing, though, is that oily skin is not prone much to aging and wrinkling. Careful cleaning, minimizing of carbohydrate consumption, and avoiding rich creams can be helpful in improving the quality of oily skin.
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Combination Skin …

Combination Skin … If you skin is combination, like that of most women, the tissue will have traces of oil coming from your nose and forehead, but will be clean in the areas that touched your cheeks.

Combination skin has patches of both dry and oily skin, and it requires different types of care in relation to particular facial areas.

Dry zones, which are usually located on the cheeks and around the eyes, should be treated with rich creams and moisturizers, while oily areas, usually on the forehead and nose, will benefit from frequent and thorough cleaning.
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Sensitive Skin …

Sensitive Skin … Sensitive skin is usually very dry, tends to feel tight, and becomes inflamed and irritated easily. Typically, sensitive skin develops reddish and scaly areas, can be itchy and tingly, and is prone to breaking into spots. It is the most problematic and fragile type of skin, which needs a very special type of care. To get the right body products for this skin type too requires great research.

So, what type of skin do you have? Have you found great skin care products that work beautifully for your skin? Please do share…

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Hi, i'm 22 and I cant figure out if I have dry skin or normal skin..my skin looks normal but after I was my face with cleanser (or soap) and dry it, it feels abit weird..kind of tight around the mouth/nose area and I need to moisturize my skin to make it feel better...but if i wait without using any moisturizer for like 2-3 hours, that feeling goes away. Sometimes the skin around my eyebrows and my nose seems dry and flaky..I can use any moisturizer and it wont give me any problems but the moisturizers that give the most moisture make my skin feel good. Do you think I have dry skin even though it doesnt usually look flaky?

I have combo skin but more to the dry side,is there any ways to not make it dry?

Hi it's Julia, My skin is generally very acne free and requires little washing. However, sometimes certain things irritate it where lemon juice will not. Do I have sensitive skin or normal?

Hi, I've constantly been battling with myself trying to figure out which skin type i am. I'm either combination or oily but i don't seem to fit perfectly into either category. I have an oily T-zone but my cheeks are completely normal which sounds like it would be combination but it said that if you are combination then you will have dry patches but, if the definition of dry is a tight feeling, then I don't have any (i admit that recently around my mouth was dry looking but not tight but i think that was from waxing.) I went to the Clinique shop a few months back with my mum and they told me that I was skin type 2 (Combination - dry) cause my mum was convinced that my cheeks were dry but the lotion is way too heavy which started to make me wonder if i was just oily skin. Which skin type do I have? I wanted to stick to the Clinique 3-step but possibly change which number according to what i was but I have no idea and I live in a country where I don't speak the mother language so asking the sales assistants would be no use. However I was also looking in to the body shop lines; either Seaweed which is for combination or Tea Tree which is for oily but I didn't want to go ahead and spend the money without being a hundred percent sure this time. Also I have lots of tiny blackheads on my nose which have been there for years and I have no idea how do get rid of them as I've tried clay masks, exfoliators etc and they are too small (and too many) to squeeze out. Sorry for the long winded message and if I sound completely dumb but I just know nothing about this stuff. Thanks :)

31 year old, black female. I have extremely dry/ sensitive skin. One big concern is the one dry patch on my face. I have a samll dry patch beside my nose, right below my cheek bone. The area becomes flaky, red and inflammed. I have tried many different creams, oitments and even witch hazel for that particular area. Before heading to the dermatologist, what else can I do? I use a cream that contains spf 15 and it seems to work great for the rest of my face. I wash my face with a very mild bar soap. Cleansing cloths seem to be too rough on my skin.

Hey, I'm 12, and I've noticed that around my nose and at my hairline it feels kind of oily, but that's about it. I haven't really seen anything else, so does that mean I have the oily skin type?

thanks for your reply but can suggest any day cream for my skin type?