5 Great Tips on anti Aging Skin Care ...


5 Great Tips on anti Aging Skin Care ...
5 Great Tips on anti Aging Skin Care ...

As we get older, our skin ages too. But how do we know our skin started aging already or better yet - are there ways to slow down this process? Find answers to these questions in the 5 great anti-aging tips below:

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Know the Common Signs of Skin Aging

Different people will show different signs of aging at different times in their lives.

For a person who is in his or her mid-late 20s, the skin is generally in good condition but some signs of skin aging may appear. Depending on the person’s lifestyle, some of these signs could include dry or rough skin, blotchy skin, darkened and dull skin or an uneven skin tone

For a person in his or her late 20s or 30s, some signs of premature skin aging may appear. These could include loose skin, larger 8 Ways to Unblock Your Pores ... @Rebecca or even fine line and wrinkles.

For a person in his or her 40s, deeper expression lines, frown lines on the forehead, more obvious wrinkles and crow’s feet may appear. The skin may appear more sallow and less firm.

For a person in his or her 50s and 60s, deep wrinkles and folds of skin may appear. The skin becomes more dry and rough. Age spots may also appear.

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Understand the Cause of Skin Aging

Skin aging is 90% of the time due to sun damage and 10% due to genetic factors.

Intrinsic or biological aging is due to genetic factors. The intrinsic factors are the slow down of skin turnover, decreased collagen and sebum production.

Extrinsic or photo-aging is also called sun-induced skin aging and therefore largely preventable. Sun damage is accumulated a little each time there is an exposure to the burning rays of the sun. The damage is not immediately noticeable. Often one is not aware of the amount of sun damage accumulated until much later, years later in fact.


Never Too Early to Start Protecting Your Skin

Your skin starts to age from the time you were born! As Sun damage is the primary cause of skin aging, it is never too early to start protecting your skin from the burning rays of the sun. So always apply sunscreen lotion and don’t forget to put some on your kids 15 minutes before you go out. Rain or snow, sunscreen is a must and the higher it is - the better. Prevention is always better than cure, right? Check out 8 Best Sunscreens for the Ultimate Protection … to pick a sunscreen that’s right for you.


Eat Healthy

I know you hear this a lot, but I can’t stress enough the importance of eating healthy every single day. In the end, we are what we eat and our skin will be the first to show how good our nutrition was over the years. Eating healthy is not as easy as some people might think, especially when you are surrounded by unhealthy choices that jump at you the second you open your eyes in the morning.

But if looking young and healthy is something you are after, try to make sure you always have a healthy snack on you. It will help you last till meal-time and you won’t have to make any irrational rushed choices you’ll regret later.

I always carry a pack of Smart Food Popcorn Plasters in my bag which is one of the healthiest snacks I could find out there. It has no preservatives, no trans fat, no artificial flavors or colors. These snacks are just perfect for those, who still want to enjoy a great taste, but eat healthy and look years and years younger.

Check out Only in A Woman’s World for more healthy and tasty snacks.


Stub out That Cigarette

Not only is smoking detrimental for your health it is also bad for your skin. It reduces blood flow to the skin and causes the skin to look dry and sallow. Smoking further encourages wrinkles to develop around the mouth as smokers pucker their mouth and they also tend to develop early “crow’s feet” around the eyes due to squinting when trying to avoid the smoke.

Want to know why else smoking is bad for your looks? Check out 7 Ways in Which Smoking Affects Your Beauty … You’ll be shocked at how much damage a cigarette can do to a girl’s appearance!
Other Anti Aging Skin Care Tips …
Other anti-aging skincare tips include:

• Try to have a healthy lifestyle
• Drink in moderation
• Cut down on your caffeine intake
• Exercise to improve your blood circulation, better yet, pick an exercise that will help you shed off a couple of pounds too
• Reduce or manage the stress level in your life
• Have sufficient sleep each night
• Last but not least, maintain a good skincare routine - if you are not sure where to begin, find out which skin type you have and then follow these easy 5 Skin Care Tips for Your Skin Type!

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