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6 anti Aging Skin Care Tips ...

By Amanda

“A girl of sixteen deserves no credit for her looks. Beauty at sixty is her souls doing.”
Who does not want to look youthful and pretty through their forties, fifties and on? I am sure every one does. But the interesting things is that the most young looking women I saw were the women of the “Third World countries”!

During my trips to China and the Philippines I was blessed to meet a number of wonderful women well into their 80s, who still kept their minds alert, bodies lean, and ****skin soft and youthful. My “field research” confirmed the fact that the state of our skin is directly dependent on what we eat (forget about vegetarianism!) and how we nourish our skin (the more we use commercial creams and moisturizers loaded with petroleum products, hydrogenated oils, synthetic perfumes, coloring agents, and other awful chemicals, the faster our skin tends to age!). Therefore, if you want to have a good-looking skin no matter what age, a good rule of thumb is to use natural skin-care remedies and a**void undesirable poisons** contained in endless commercial products.

“I take care of my skin well by using organic anti aging skin care products as possible. When I purchase beauty products off the shelf I am careful in reading the list of ingredients at the back. Who knows that scientifically sounding ingredient could be plugging my pores or perhaps scarring my skin gradually?”

Timeless Beauty
**1. Good diet** is crucial! Eat traditional foods and traditional fats, including organ meats, organic meat and poultry, deep-ocean fish, cultured dairy products, natural butter, coconut oil, and fresh or lacto-fermented fruit and vegetables in season. Remember that your skin is a reflection of your overall health.


“Calorie Restriction is the process of limiting caloric intake with the intention of slowing down aging. Some people refer to the concept as an anti aging diet. Research into Calorie Restriction has continued for many years - concluding that the lifespan of many animals is extended when calorie intake is restricted. The difficulty of Calorie Restriction is that sufficient nutrition (vitamins and minerals) must be maintained while lowering energy intake as much as possible.”

Anti-Aging Diet & Calorie Restriction
**2. Exercise in moderation ** - a half-an-hour brisk walk a day is vital to your overall health and a great-looking skin. Too much exercise depletes the body from essential minerals and other nutrients and facilitates aging. Afraid of gaining weight? Cut down the amount of carbs you eat!

You can find effective anti aging exercise at Anti Aging Blog.

“Anti aging exercise and diet for looking and feeling young is a simple formula that with some commitment can work wonders for reversing the aging process.”

Anti Aging Blog

3 Use only natural skin care products, just like our ancestors did. The best are cold-pressed coconut oil and natural shea butter, which contain necessary nourishing and moisturising ingredients and naturally-occurring vitamins A, B, C, D and E, to keep your skin look its best

You can find great anti aging homemade product recipes here.


4. Sunbathe in moderation, about 20 minutes a day in season. Remember that the sun exposure is absolutely necessary for both robust health and a good-looking skin. However, protect your skin from sunburns and omit or limit the use of sunbeds, since artificial UVA rays and burns accelerate the aging of your skin.

“Let’s look at all the reasons why you should spend time in the sun - it’s a mood lifter and a major source of vitamin D, needed to head off many cancers, especially of the mouth, throat, stomach, and colon. So 10 or 20 minutes a day in the sun will provide a day’s worth of protection, about 1,500 IU… Because you don’t want to trade skin cancer for that sunshine-produced Vitamin D, here are tips for enjoying the sun: Minimize your time in direct sunlight. Plan your outdoors time for early morning or late.”

Natural Anti-Aging Advice
afternoon, because the sun’s rays are less powerful then

**5. A wide-brimmed hat ****or a good pair of sunglasses **are the must to wear in the summer, especially if your eyes are blue or green. By protecting your eyes from the direct sunlight, you slow the age-related formation of wrinkles and also secure them from developing muscular degeneration and cataracts.

“Wear your sunglasses. When you first enter the light, the tendency is to squint. Over time, squinting leads to those lovely wrinkles beside your eyes called crow’s feet. To keep that pesky black bird from walking all over your face, wear wraparound sunglasses. Most people don’t realize that sun can be seen peripherally unless there is something there to block the light. They don’t have to cost over a hundred bucks either. If you find a drugstore pair, they will do the job just as well. Pop them on each time you leave the house to avoid direct sunlight and glare.”

Stay At Home Moms

6. Just one sleepless night or a day of worrying can make a woman look twice her age****… Therefore, do not forget to have plenty of sleep, and reduce worries, conflicts, and gloom in your life as much as possible. Happiness and freedom from stress are the most effective anti-aging remedies!

“Nearly a decade ago, researchers at the University of Chicago discovered that not getting enough sleep does a lot more than make us feel tired the next day. Chronic lack of sleep can obstruct basic metabolism and hormone production in the same way that aging does, and has the same signs as the early stages of diabetes.”
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