7 Beauty Buys That Will Change Your Skin Forever ...

Every week there seems to be a new favourite product in the beauty world, so it can be so hard to work out what is worth the money, and what won’t make a difference... it’s so tempting to invest in them all, though! I mean, who doesn’t want utterly perfect skin? I’ve been doing some research, and here are seven beauty buys that will change your skin forever, whatever your budget...

1. Hey Big Spender... Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum

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Price: $187 at rodial.co.uk
This is an expensive serum, but it’s worth it! It’s been described as “Botox in a Bottle”, as it contains venom from a temple viper snake which freezes muscles, plumps lines and lifts your face for an instant beauty boost. As an extra bonus, when you start using it, you’ll stop getting wrinkles! There is already a huge following of this, and even Cheryl Cole is a fan... the results are amazing!

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