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Antidote Skincare Self Tanner Review ...

By Kati

I’ve always been a bit cautious about what I put on my skin being a fair-skinned blonde and all of my self tan attempts have almost always ended in disaster....Not this time though! I have finally found Antidote Skincare, an amazing company that makes the best self tanner ever!

When Antidote Skincare sent me my package, I was pleasantly surprised by how cute the packaging was. They also included some starburst sweeties which was a lovely touch and brought a huge smile to my face!

The first step (after a patch test) is to use the Go Slough yourself scrub to prepare your skin for the tan. Now we all know how important exfoliating is! This scrub not only smelt divine but made my skin softer then I can ever remember it being. Then on to moisturising rough areas including my knees and elbows, as advised by the incredibly simple instructions, and lastly, I applied the tan!

I’d be lying if I said I expected it to go well and I was prepared with self tan removal wipes ready in case I got tango-ed. The tan went on suprisingly smoothly, and smelt delicious which was a surprise! I sat for a few hours letting it dry, and then went to bed.

I was AMAZED when I woke up! I wasn’t sickly pale or bright orange. I was gorgeously tanned and I looked skinnier too! Who would have thought! The tan didn’t rub off, and didn’t even fade in my morning shower. My boyfriend and family are all very impressed, and I simply love it!

Antidote Skincare'sself tanner is the only self tanner that I would 100% recommend to everyone. Not only does it have the most perfect results possible but it’s also free from nasties and it smells divine. And we all know how important that is to most of us!

It’d also make a perfect Christmas or Birthday present, as it comes in such cute packaging. Definitely go to Antidote Skincare, and check it out for yourself!!

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