Skin Care Products at You've Got to Try...


Skin Care Products at You've Got to Try...
Skin Care Products at You've Got to Try...

I was first introduced to acne at the tender age of 12. As I grew older and saw no signs of it retreating, it became pretty clear that acne and I would be arch-nemesis for life. Like any good super-hero, I had to devise a plan! One that would not only fight my existing acne, but keep it at bay! Many over the counter products and expensive dermatologist appointments later, I came across this website, DermaPoise,com, with miracle natural and organic skin care products that could be the answer to my prayers...

I'm not going to say that the money I spent on dermatologists was a total waste. Some of their prescriptions did work but had short term effects and I was more worried about the excessive chemicals found in these products. There's only so much Isotretinoin, Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid that I am going to allow in my system. Enter, Derma Poise, your one stop website for all things skin care. The best part is all their products are completely natural and organic so you can bid adieu to nasty chemicals for good!

My favorite product at Derma Poise is the Acne Solution Botanical Masque, 100% natural with actual herbs instead of extracts. It is super effective at healing acne by attacking the bacteria that causes it and repairing blemishes without drying out the skin. Some of the ingredients include oat flour, rosemary, marshmallow, aloe vera, lavender, basil, green tea etc. What you're left with after usage, is oh-so-smooth, clear, blemish free skin!

Also on my must-try list is the Zinc Creme, a lightweight, natural cream that contains zinc oxide, a natural antiseptic known for its bacterial fighting qualities. It also regulates excessive skin oil production to keep you blemish free. Not only that, it protects the skin against UVA and UVB damage. A big plus, if you ask me!

I love Derma Poise for its versatility. Besides Acne Care, you can also shop for cleansers, toners,eye care, beauty tools and hair care products from popular brands like Shira’s Boto-Derm RX, Melange Skin Care,Supracor, and Tweezerman.

My beauty regimen does not include a lot but I'm planning on including Derma Poise's Eye Creme for dark circles. The vitamins and botanicals in this cream are said to accelerate the production of collagen under the eye and help reduce dark circles.

I'm even considering buying the Stretch Mark Solutions for a dear friend who has recently lost a lot of weight but can't seem to get rid of her stretch marks.The natural herbs, oils and vitamins in this product are said to penetrate the skin to restore collagen and elastin to normal levels thereby repairing and reducing old marks and preventing new ones. Oh my! The Honey Scrub looks quite delicious too! Alright, I'll stop getting carried away :D

Derma Poise allows you to shop for organic and natural skin care products specific for your skin type be it dry, normal or an oil factory like mine. The best part is how affordable their products are and how totally worthwhile for the long-term results they offer. With their wide range and constant new additions, Derma Poise has something for every kind of skin under the sun. Go check it out now!

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Hey Sheila, I received it on Feb 23rd in the last week or so I am actually seeing a difference. (honestly don't know if it psychology or not) It seems to be fading slightly :) but I'm happy with it either way :) But I will most definitely keep you in the loop. Thanks, Julia

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