Your 5 Step Guide to Traditional Beauty Foods


Your 5 Step Guide to Traditional Beauty Foods
Your 5 Step Guide to Traditional Beauty Foods

Today, I will guide you through a surprising list of some of the healthiest traditional beauty products - lacto-fermented foods and beverages!

When the first Europeans arrived on the American continent, they also brought their knowledge of how to make delicious fermented foods and drinks. In the process of lacto-fermentation, good bacteria transform starches and sugars into beneficial acids. Our ancestors were guided by traditional wisdom and their innate instincts about vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, since there was no scientific knowledge about them at the time. Nevertheless, they knew that lacto-fermented foods protected them from diseases, kept their skin soft and clean, cured stomach ailments, and added a pleasant, sour, tang to otherwise plain meals.In our age of processed, pasteurized, and devitalized products, it is critically important to include in the diet a fair amount of foods containing live, stomach-friendly bacteria. These beauty foods will please your palate, revitalize health, strengthen immunity, and inevitably help you gain ultimate attractiveness:


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Fermented vegetables - the most popular are dill cucumbers and sauerkraut. Shop for unpasteurized pickles without added vinegar, or make them yourself at home. Sauerkraut is one of the best sources of vitamins C and K, which protect us from free radicals, carcinogens, and bone loss. Fermented vegetables are tasty compliments to meat and fish dishes


Fermented Drinks Made of Fruit, Herbs, and Grains, like Kvass, Cider, or Unpasteurized Beer. These Drinks Are Valued for Medicinal Properties, Including the Ability to Relieve Constipation, Enhance Digestion, and Promote Overall Well-being. Fermented Beverages Are Highly Superior to Canned Sodas and Other Modern Drinks, and Can Be Purchased from Artisan Producers


Cultured Condiments, Such as Fish Sauce, Apple Vinegar, or Homemade Ketchup. These Delicious Condiments Have High Enzyme Potential, Which Protects Us from Harmful Substances in Foods and Facilitates Absorption of Vitamins and Minerals


Sourdough Breads and Porridges. the Old-fashioned Practise of Soaking and Fermenting Grains before Making Breads and Cereals Has a Far-reaching Wisdom, as It Neutralizes Phytates and Enzyme Inhibitors and Predigests Grains so That All Their Nutrients and Vitamins Become More Available. in Fact, Eating Processed or Untreated Whole Grains Represents One of the Biggest Threats to Our Health


Cultured dairy products, such as yogurt, kefir, sour cream, and buttermilk, without sugar and additives, are probably the best of affordable beauty foods. It is easy to make them at home out of fresh organic milk or cream and a starter culture. Aim to consume them daily, and you will always have clean skin, a glowing complexion, and a healthy digestive system


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Amanda Brown is our Healthy Lifestyle Expert. Amanda lives in Canada, and her background includes Degrees in Ethnology, History, and Wholistic Therapies. Her true passion, though, lies in the fields of traditional nutrition, history of medicine… learn more about Amanda here.

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