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Veggie 1 to Veggie 2 We're Soulmates

By Mabelle

I don't know how many times in my lifetime my mom has drilled to us how important **veggies **are to our health. Which is a good thing, because I do have this zest for anything that's fresh and leafy and green – although I do sometimes indulge in meaty delights, too.

But did you know that vegetables are best eaten in pairs? It's like the vitamins of one particular edible plant complements or brings out the minerals **in another. They're soulmates, the perfect combination – in terms of **nutrition, that is.

Here's the list of 'soulmate veggies' as compiled by Women's Health Magazine:

1 Endive and Edamame

This veggie combination is perfect for bone health. Inulin is a substance found in endive which promotes **calcium **absorption. So when you eat together the calcium-rich edamame with something that helps your body help absorb calcium better – it’s the perfect veggie pairing!

2 Broccoli and Tomatoes

This combination is perfect in Italian cuisine – and initial studies found that they're beneficial for prostate **and **ovarian health.

3 Kidney Beans and Green Peppers

The vitamin C in green peppers helps absorb the nutrients packed in iron-riche kidney beans.

4 Salsa and Guacamole

Lastly, there's salsa and guacamole – which you can both have in tortilla chips. Research shows that eating salsa with fresh avocadoes help the body absorb 4times the **lycopene **in salsa rather than eating the delicious dip by itself.

So gorge on these nutrient-packed veggies and enjoy double the benefit that they can bring to your health!

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