7 Best Lawyers in Las Vegas


Have you been injured in some way, shape or form and you have found that you need to get a lawyer? If you need a lawyer in Las Vegas, then you are in luck. My friend who lives in Las Vegas got injured on the job and he needed a lawyer right away. I immediately started looking online for the best one money could buy and that is what made me want to do this blog posting on the 7 best lawyers in Las Vegas…

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This one is for those who need of a defense lawyer. They are proud to represent anyone who has misdemeanors and serious crimes. They have over twenty years of experience in both defense and prosecution and have handled thousands of cases. You need a lawyer that knows how to fight the system!


With more than 25 years under this firm’s belt, you can count on finding a good lawyer here. It all started with one single client. They state that their clients come first. They are professional to say the least. I think you should definitely give them a call if you are in need of a lawyer.


This one specializes in personal injury in Nevada. They offer their clients a number of different benefits. They are used to handling challenging cases. They are used to helping individuals who have lost a loved one in their family due to wrongful death accidents. If you have had wrongful death accident in your family, then they are the ones to look into.


If you are looking for a lawyer in Las Vegas who cares, then Christensen Law Offices will give you exactly what you need. They help people throughout the areas of Nevada, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah. They look forward to improving the lives of those who are injured. If you or your family member has been involved in a serious accident, then contact this law firm.


This firm is experienced in trust, business, tax, bankruptcy, probate law and asset protection. They take pride in the legal services that they provide.


This firm will worry about the law, so you don’t have to! They are there for you to hold your hand through the difficult times. They like to make sure your legal rights are protected. If you are going through a custody battle, then you should definitely look into this law firm so that you can come out happy.


Bellon & Maningo, Ltd.

This law firm specializes in criminal law, family law and civil law. They are able to touch all lives at a profound level. Family law can affect how and when you spend time and raise your kids as well as your emotional and financial future. Criminal law can affect your rights as a citizen, your freedom, your future and maybe even your life itself. Civil law can affect your life relative to your dealings.

Finding a lawyer in Las Vegas is not hard at all. I just gave you 7 lawyers that you should contact. Their phone number can be found on their website that I have provided to you. You can also find more information by going to their website. Have you had experience with an attorney is Las Vegas? Can you recommend them? Please let me know!

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Hmmm...what do I have to do to make this list? If you are curious about my law firm, call me at (702) 809-6904 or visit my website.

It's always good to know this kind of info but unfortunately is not going to help me, cause I'm not from US. Would be interesting to know what are the best lawyers in my country :)

hahah never hurts to know a good lawyer!

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