Share Your Uh-Oh Story and WIN


Share Your Uh-Oh Story and WIN
Share Your Uh-Oh Story and WIN

If you’ve ever dropped your iPod or iPhone (or any other digital device) you know that immediate “Uh-Oh!” feeling. But if you’ve ever shopped for a protective case for your personal digital device, you know how ridiculous-looking and cheap some of them are… can’t you protect your iPod without looking like a pre-teen girl?

No offense to you pre-teen girls reading this, but adult women look ridiculous with Justin Bieber or Hello Kitty iPhone covers That’s why I love the concept of Pad & Quill's new Little Black Book for iPhone and iPod Touch. It cleverly disguises your favorite hand-held device as something cooler, more retro, while providing it with the protection it needs from your man-handling and dropping and such. And for the next week, if you share your “Uh-Oh, I dropped my iPod/iPhone/whatever” story, you could win a FREE Little Black Book for your (hopefully still functioning) device.

The Little Black Book reminds me of those super-cool Moleskin journals, with a real wood frame, book binding, and even a little red “bookmark.” But it’s not just designed to look retro-fabulous. Little Black Book also provides top-notch protection for your digital device against dropping and other unintended violent jostling in your handbag or backpack.

What’s your “Uh-Oh” story? Please share… you could win a really, really cool way to save it from future disasters!

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one time i was at the airport and i had my ipod in my hand the whole time there! and as soon as i get on the plane i realize i lost my ipod!!! and the worst part was that i knew where it was! and i had very private things including my facebook info!!!!

i have so many stories i don't even know which one to say but the most recent happened to me when i was heading to the mall with my friends...i placed my phone on top of the car while i put my stuff inside the car some how i forgot it there!!! while i was in the car i keep looking for my phone and my friend decided to drive as she drove off my phone fell on the street while we left it behind the only way i knew my phone had been on top of the car because i heard it fall on the trunk of the car....i made my friend stop and it was shattered....thank god i had my apple care i still had to pay 200 dollars for a new phone but something is better than nothing

i was biking to school one day with my ipod in my pocket and then crack! i hear something hit the street. I look behind me and my ipod was there! sounds ok, doesnt it? but then a car comes by and i'm thinking, 'this is it. my parents will kill me.' after the car passed, i got off my bike and ran over to where it dropped and thank goodness it was still working, just a crack to the case! i was so glad, i will never do that ever again!

So unfortunately I don't even think the classiest or most protective cases could help my story and it's a tad bit embarrassing - but the epitome of an "uh-oh" story. We were at an ice rink for an event for work so I had a light jacket on the whole time since it was freeezing! I headed to the bathroom where they had the automatic flushes (they seem to go off too soon or never at all, right?!). Well as soon as I stood up my phone comes flying out of my jacket pocket into the toilet bowl just in time for me to watch it disappear. I never even knew a phone could fit down a toilet bowl! On the other hand having it go down is better than fishing it out...gross!

A while back I had my I pod touch in an outside pocket of my purse. As a was getting in the cat, it must have fallen out when I didn't notice. About half way down the road I noticed it was missing and told my dad to go back. When we got to the parking lot, we found the screen shattered and the back was caved in. I then accidentally cut my thumb on the glass. So, I ended up with a demolished I touch and a bleeding thumb.

Dropped my Lumix Digital Camera that had zoom lens. It fell on the concrete pavement while taking pictures outdoor. The lens was out and it hit the street hard. Had a momentary heart-attack and when I picked it up and tried to switch it off the lens made small weird noise and refused to go in. I was sure it was destroyed but tried gently to push it in and it eventually did. Till date it is slightly stuck and takes a while to zoom out when I switch on my camera.

So I watching My nephew for my sister while she went to the bathroom at McDonald's I let my nephew play with it and he dropped it on the phone but I wasn't angry since I had an otter box case which I absolutely hated because it was a ridiculously brick -like ugly phone case thing so I didn't panic besides I had dropped it multiple times in the past which was the reason why I bought the case in the first place now let me mention not only are those cases huge and hideous but they are way too expensive!! So I thought well my phone would probably survive a fricken hurricane but when I picked my phone up the screen was completely cracked! I was so angry I had to waste a lot of money on a case that didn't protect my phone! I always dropped my phone on hard surfaces and always was afraid of cracking it because I didn't have a case and when I got one it messed everything up!

Wtf this is the 5th time I've dropped a phone in water or sprite

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