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Share Your Uh-Oh Story and WIN

By Jennifer

If you’ve ever dropped your iPod or iPhone (or any other digital device) you know that immediate “Uh-Oh!” feeling. But if you’ve ever shopped for a protective case for your personal digital device, you know how ridiculous-looking and cheap some of them are… can’t you protect your iPod without looking like a pre-teen girl?

No offense to you pre-teen girls reading this, but adult women look ridiculous with Justin Bieber or Hello Kitty iPhone covers That’s why I love the concept of Pad & Quill's new Little Black Book for iPhone and iPod Touch. It cleverly disguises your favorite hand-held device as something cooler, more retro, while providing it with the protection it needs from your man-handling and dropping and such. And for the next week, if you share your “Uh-Oh, I dropped my iPod/iPhone/whatever” story, you could win a FREE Little Black Book for your (hopefully still functioning) device.

The Little Black Book reminds me of those super-cool Moleskin journals, with a real wood frame, book binding, and even a little red “bookmark.” But it’s not just designed to look retro-fabulous. Little Black Book also provides top-notch protection for your digital device against dropping and other unintended violent jostling in your handbag or backpack.

What’s your “Uh-Oh” story? Please share… you could win a really, really cool way to save it from future disasters!

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