Design Your Own Trainers and WIN


Design Your Own Trainers and WIN
Design Your Own Trainers and WIN

If there's anything cooler than designing your own trainers, I don't know what it is. There's just something about making them exactly how you want them, experimenting with colors and patterns, that's almost addictive. I've recently discovered my new design-your-own addiction, MES Custom Footwear in the UK, and I'm hooked. Tell me which of their shoes you'd like to custom design, and you could win it!

I've spent several precious hours of my life toying with the skimmer called "Roxanne" and the retro-feel "Play," but there are nearly a dozen shoe styles to design here. Or, if you're not feeling particularly creative, you can request a custom design. Your custom-designed trainers ship anywhere in the UK for free, too, and once they arrive, you won't want to wear anything else. And here's a thought, if you're having a hard time choosing just the right birthday or holiday gift for your boyfriend: how about a gift voucher for a pair of MES Custom Footwear's brilliant trainers?

Want to win your own pair? Let me know which style you'd like to custom-design with your own image and colors, and you could win a FREE pair of custom trainers! A Roxanne with pink tongue and inner? Or the Nuke in plaid? Let me know down below, and we'll pick one lucky lady (or gent) to win a gift voucher good for one pair of custom trainers (up to £70 value).

How much time will you spend designing your own trainers? Probably not anywhere near as much time as I've spent on mine... and the clock keeps ticking...

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Oh my gosh! I can't even choose, but I would LOVE to win!

I love love love the Concourse design, because it looks a lot like a pair of Converse sneakers :) What I would do is the one design that they have on their website, the one with the bus routes, because that looks AMAZINGly awesome. Except, this time I took the bus route from my city and put it on there, so now if I ever were to have these shoes, I could just look down and find me a route to go home on! Then I would put black on the eyeholes and eyepiece (?) and the laces too. Then the tongue would be white~! <3 I would totally wear this everywhere with anything!!

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