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Every season I adore Chulo Pony more and more! Looks like this Vancouver-based women’s clothing line is really all grown up - from its designs to its persona.

Their Fall theme revolves around 16th century pirate and princess, Claire O’Grady, who had a penchant for plundering ships for clothing and leaving the gold behind. She married twice before her 20th year, each time gaining title to her new husband’s castle and **then kicking him out. Her father said she could never go to sea because her long hair would get caught in the rigging, so she cut it off, earning herself the nickname "**The Shorn One."

While I might not chop my hair, I will follow her shawsh-buckling lead in this red coat (2078). Funnel neck and trendy bell sleeves are stylish. Stunning! Cleverly combining old-fashioned elegance with tough girl chic, ornate antique lace blouses with delicate silk covered buttons along with exquisite cotton sateen empire waist dresses and ruffle neck tunics provide an undeniable contrast to shrunken wool plaid pleated mini-skirts and double twill sailor pants. Check out my **other picks: **4015, 2075, 5089

You can find Chulo Pony at are Nordstrom, QLLC, Life of Riley, Miss Coquette, Spank, Suasion, or you can shop online at their site.

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