Tell Us Your Bliss and WIN


Tell Us Your Bliss and WIN
Tell Us Your Bliss and WIN

****We’ve seen it on tee shirts, bumper stickers, and more, but do we really know what “Follow Your Bliss” truly means, or where the expression comes from? And how do we follow our bliss?

Visionary philosopher Joseph Campbell has inspired thousands across the globe to find and follow their bliss, people like Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas, Jerry Garcia… has he also inspired you, only maybe you didn’t know how? There’s a new must-see documentary about Campbell’s life and work out in select theaters now, called “Finding Joe,” and I can’t wait to see it, to see who Campbell inspired, and how. Who was this legendary thinker, this mythologist, this man? And how can his ideas inspire us? Here’s a preview:

Finding Joe - Trailer V.7 from pat solomon on Vimeo.
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Maybe you’re already following your bliss, making your own way… tell me about it, and you could win one of three movie posters, or, if you live in one of these cities where the documentary is now playing, you could win tickets to an upcoming show!

So how did you, or will you, find your bliss? How will Joseph Campbell and “Finding Joe” inspire you? Let me know down below!

*Contest is open to U.S. residents only. Prizes are supplied by "Finding Joe."

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I am following my OWN career dreams instead of doing what everyone else that I know is doing. I'd love to win tickets! (I'm in KC)

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