Choose Your Shade and WIN


Choose Your Shade and WIN
Choose Your Shade and WIN

If you believe beauty is art, and that your cosmetics shouldn't be the same as everyone else's — right off the shelf — then you're not alone. Mojo Cosmetics created their unique brand of beauty just for you, from the ground up, from the organic formulas to the sleek, made-to-be-reused packaging. And if you tell us which of their botanical, pro-grade hues you prefer, you could win them!

Here's how it works: take one TITAN case, made of sturdy, sexy yag laser etched aircraft alloy (aluminum, titanium, magnesium, manganese, and 306 stainless steel). Choose from slightly girl-ified alloy pink or titanium grey. Fill with a BULLET of your favorite shade Mojo lipstick or concealer, use, then re-use! The lipstick and concealer themselves are professional grade, made with organic botanicals, completely lush, never tested on animals.

For the lipstick, I'm coveting the "Pinup" shade, a soft, pretty pink. For the concealer, I think the "Medium Matte Finish" matches my skin tone best. I adore the catalog, too, BTW, and so will you... But, my dear, the contest is for you, not me! So take a peek at the Mojo site, soak up some style, browse the colors, and tell me which hues you would choose! We'll randomly select one lucky lady to receive a TITAN case with a BULLET lipstick and concealer refill ... could it be you? Let me know down below!

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Delusion with pink alloy titan case! HOPE I WIN! :)

I love the metallic coral with berry lip color, it would look so good with my new dark hair color! These products are beautiful! i'd be so grateful if i won

I love the Delusion lip color. I hope that I win!

I would prefer the TITAN case "Titanium grey" , with a bullet of MOJO lipstick in Suede. Beautiful product!

I've never seen or heard of mojo before anywhere I've gone, but the packaging looks soooo sleek and professional! I would pick my bullet to be titanium grey. My lipstick colour would be Pinup as well, pink is such a cute colour and I think red is too serious. My concealer would have to be either a medium matte finish or a dark medium matte finish, but I can't exactly see which would fit me better. Hope I win~!

i like sand coloured neutral...i simply LOVE it :)

I love the classic red with blue undertone, such a great color

I have really bad dark circles so I loveee the Titan Concealer! And I would think the medium dark matte finish would suit me the best (:

I've never heard of this brand before and the packaging is just so sleek and classy! I'd definitely like to try this out. I like the lipstick in Tirade and I think Medium Matte Finish would probably suit my skin tone the best..

which link are we supposed to click on?

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