Share Your Skin Sin and WIN

By Jennifer

Share Your Skin Sin and WIN

We all commit minor skin-care sins on occasion, and if you tell us about yours, and how you would remedy it with a regimen by Simone France, you would their 10-minute a week skin care solution.

At Simone France, their skin-care philosophy is simple: since most skin-care self-created, they can be self-corrected. Their entire line is dedicated to helping us all absolve our various skin care sins, all in only ten minutes a week. That's right: 3 minutes in the morning, 2 minutes at night, five days a week — that's all the time you'd need to dedicate to having clear, beautiful, healthy skin!
There are so many skin care sins to avoid! I tend to forget to wash at night, sleeping in my make-up. My friend Lucy washes her face with the same soap she uses for the rest of her body. My cousin uses her body wash on her face! What's your skin care sin? Tell us and you could win a lush Simone France "The Sandwich," valued at $100. The Sandwich is tailored to your own skin type, and is designed to give you a gorgeous glow!

So it's confession time: what's your personal skin sin? Let me know down below!

This contest is open to U.S. residents only, and The Sandwich is provided by Simone France.

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I have battled with acne for years now. Even taken accutane. It's back and a long time ago my friends mom told me she put straight alcohol on her pimple and it was gone overnight. I knew that was harsh to do but I still to this day do it if I'm desperate enough to make a pimple go away. And sometimes it still doesn't work! Help! :/

I pop zits, rush into new products and cake it on. I also wash my face with dandruff shampoo, on top of regular face wash. I don't use toner and usually forget moisturizer. I'm also pretty terrible about washing my face in the morning. I have never put an SPF on my face... Wow. All my skin is gonna fall off! On top of this, I LOVE to try new things with make up, so I usually sleep in it 2 or 3 times a week after experimenting.

I pop my pimples. It's a horrible thing to do and I can't help it. I sometimes over exfoliate and dry out my skin. >.< Ooooh and when I get a new skin care regimen I don't ease into it. I rush into it and my skin FREAKS. Those are my sins.

Well, mine is I constantly pick on my arms and end up scarring them up so bad. I also constantly pick on the ones that pop up on my forehead too, but I can't help it, they annoy me. What my real issue is that I put forth no effort to try and stop it because I have no time. Believe if I had the chance to end this nightmare, I would do anything to stop it.

I pop my pimples, it is terrible but I do it anyway. When I get home late and I am tired I don't wash my make up off. I also change up my routine all the time because the stuff I like always gets discontinued so my skin will get red and flaky. I can be really bad about my skin but I try!

I tend to over exfoliate. I LOVE exfoliating but sometimes I can go a little overboard.

I clean my face a bit too harsh with a washcloth and glycerine soap. It feels really clean afterwards.

I pop pimples. Which in turn have left scars on my face. I have tried everything to get clearer skin. Then I was diagnosed with PCOS. I found out that was a huge reason for all my break outs... The doctors gave me medicine for the PCOS which calmed down my break outs, but I still get huge zits that Ii have to pick! I still have all my facial scars too. :(

My skin sin would be touching my face when I feel a bump coming. Or sleeping with my makeup on which is also forgetting to wash my face at night.



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