RIP Steve Jobs


RIP Steve Jobs
RIP Steve Jobs

Today's trending topic is quite recent. In fact, the news only recently broke, and I'd bet my bank account – and my iPad – that most of you already know it. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, computer genius, and technological pioneer, died today. He was only 56 years old. Forget, for the moment, whether you're a PC or a Mac, whether you're a fan of Apple or not. Steve Jobs was more than Apple, he really was a giant in the world of computers and their attendant technologies, and he will be missed.

Thus far, not a lot is known about the circumstances of Steve's death. Apple made a very brief announcement, stating that he had passed but not giving out many more details, although we do now know that his death was cancer related. He suffered from a rare type of pancreatic cancer, he underwent a liver transplant two years ago, and resigned as the CEO of Apple in August of this year.

From helping to create the Mac to reinventing the whole idea of portable music with the inception of the iPod, Steve did more than change the world of computers and electronics. He changed pop culture. Look at iTunes, the iPhone, the iPad, and many others, and you'll see that he's figured prominently. He was a genius, a college drop out, and an entrepreneur. He was calculating but charismatic, manipulative where the market was concerned but cool in his personal life. In addition to his enterprises with Apple, he's also behind Pixar, having taken it from a small, floundering company into the award-winning animation superstar it is today.

In the very lingo that Jobs created, I'm a PC, but I'll still mourn his passing and wonder what else he might have come up with, in terms of next-gen favorites and new innovations. How do you feel about Steve Jobs' passing?

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that's really sad :(

I am really sad RIP Steve Jobs, he was the man

He was such a visionary.

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