Get Rewarded for Healthy Behavior


Get Rewarded for Healthy Behavior
Get Rewarded for Healthy Behavior

Did you know that only 3 of 10 Americans exercise regularly? That means the other 7 are at a greater risk of life-threatening illnesses, or even a premature death! But even knowing the risks, a lot of us just aren't willing to make the healthy lifestyle changes we need to. Knowing this, Humana came up with what might be the most brilliant health incentive ever — an actual tangible incentive!

Humana thinks, and I agree, that if people were rewarded for their healthy behaviors, like regular exercise or a successful, long-term weight loss journey. Incentives will vary from person to person, depending on the healthy behavior, and could include things like iTunes gift cards and movie tickets, or even vacations.More information, and incredibly shocking statistics, can be found here.

What do you think? What could your health insurance company offer you that would get you "off the couch and into a pair of walking shoes"? Or do you think it's just a clever ploy for a health insurance company to cut costs? Whatever your reasoning, experts think it can work. According to one of the statistics on the site, if 59% of Americans increased their physical activity over one month, we could see a cumulative weight loss of 360 million pounds. Wow.

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