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Pick Your Favorite New Word and Win

By Jennifer

Mumpreneur. Cuddle class. Alarm clock Briton. What do all of these words and phrases have in common? They’re all new entries in the newest edition of the Collins English Dictionary, published last week. Tell us which of these new words you like best, and you could win a copy, free! The 11th edition of the Collins English Dictionary is set to be the go-to reference for anyone who loves words, or who just wants to know what, exactly, they mean. The Dictionary was first introduced in 1979, and since then, has been used to clarify definitions, help with spelling, and even resolve word-related conflicts. Admit it! When you’re playing Scrabble and your opponent tries to use a word you think may be invented, you wish you had a dictionary handy… and now you can!

For the launch, Collins has made two VERY interesting short films… for the linguists or history buffs out there, have a peek at the one I liked best:

Tell us which of the following new words and phrases from the 11th edition of the Collins English Dictionary you like best, and you could win a copy of your own! This contest is open to anyone around the globe, but the winner must be in the UK. Here are your choices:

Mumpreneur: a woman who combines running a business with looking after her children. ****

Alarm clock Briton: a worker on a moderate income whose daily routine involves preparing children for school and going out to work. ****

Cuddle class: a category of airline ticket in which two passengers purchase an additional seat so that they can recline together.

Or how about these, inspired by the world of fashion?

Mankle: a man's bare ankle. ****

Mamil: a middle-aged man in Lycra. ****

Mullet dress: a woman's skirt cut short at the front but long at the back.

So which of these new words and phrases do you like best? Let me know down below, and I’ll pick a winner in a week or so. Good luck!

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