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Han Paul Senior Sunglasses

By Sheila

Now that the dreary winter is behind us, and the sun is peeping out a little more, it's time to concentrate on the sunscreen, and to protect your eyes with a pair of fabulous sunglasses. Enter the Han Paul Senior Sunglasses...

What's So Fab about It: The best part about the Han Paul sunglasses is their versatility. Wear them with a pair of black leggings and you'd look great, with your skinny jeans and still fab, with your cute summer polka-dotted dress and... you get the point. Heck! I think these would look great even with your pajamas!

Where Would I Wear It: You know how you have that pair of jeans that you can't seem to let go irrespective of how long you've had them or how trends change? The Han sunglasses would be my sunglasses equivalent of that favorite pair of jeans. You'd literally have to claw them out of my eyes!

How Many Tall Lattes It's Worth: 66

Where to Look 4 It:

I don't buy a lot of sunglasses so when I do, I need a pair that's versatile and that goes with literally everything. Exactly why I can't help but love the Han Paul sunglasses! What do you think? Too plain, so-so, or fabulous?

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