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Zagat Survey

By ave

It’s that time again. If you register with Zagat, then rate three or more San Francisco restaurants, you will receive a free copy of their popular guidebook. The survey has been streamlined this year and it’s much easier to fill out. This year you can even win $100 if your comments are witty and insightful enough. Enter the survey by April 16, 2006.

If you’re not a subscriber, sign up for free, here">">here.

And go here to enter the San Francisco survey. Do it today, before you forget!

Other active surveys include:
New York
Los Angeles

Though some people prefer the online edition, I like to have the guidebook around because it’s a convenient way to search for restaurants by neighborhood or type of cuisine. On the other hand, it’s by no means comprehensive or entirely accurate, especially when it comes to prices. The ratings are democratic in nature which may or may not be the best method of evaluation. With the Zagat, you end up with a popularity contest. But that said it is awfully handy as a kind of directory to have in the glove box or stashed by the phone.

Personally when it comes to choosing a restaurant, I’d prefer to stick with the recommendations of someone I actually know and trust. For restaurants in San Francisco, two great guides that I wholeheartedly recommend are the San Francisco Food Lover’s Guide by Patricia Unterman and The Slow Food Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area. As an added bonus each includes markets wine shops and the Food Lover’s Guide also has a handful of signature local recipes.


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