7 Fun Things to do in San Francisco ...


7 Fun Things to do in San Francisco ...
7 Fun Things to do in San Francisco ...

I grew up in California, not far from San Francisco. We’d all pile into our huge Chevrolet station wagon a few times a year and drive across the Bay to spend a day sightseeing. Now, I go back when I can to visit friends, and there are always so many fun things to do and see… here’s my list of the top seven things to do the next time you’re in San Francisco!

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What better way to take in the sights of San Francisco than on a cable car? They’ve been the standard of public transportation on the city’s hilly roads since the late 1800’s, and they’re still in operation all across the city today.


Do you know where the largest China Town is outside of Asia? Why, it’s right in San Francisco, and it’s the perfect place to experience a taste of Chinese culture, food, and art. And shopping! If you’re visiting San Francisco, plan to spend a day in China Town. It’s amazing!


The Golden Gate Bridge has been featured in dozens of films and TV shows since it was completed in 1937. You might wonder why it’s such a big deal… until you see it in person. It’s huge, gorgeous, breath-taking, and suddenly you understand what makes it such a landmark.


Most of the boats docked at Fisherman’s Wharf have been there for generations, providing a salty history to the city. Visit in November if you can, to see the celebration that marks the beginning of crab season.


Now it’s a beautiful national park, but we all know it used to be a notorious prison! Take a quick boat tour out to the island and poke around. Can you imagine living here, being a prison here? Creepy but fun!


Taste the Chocolate

One of my very favorite places to visit in San Francisco is Ghirardelli Square. You can smell this landmark long before you see it. Delicious! Who doesn’t love chocolate, and who wouldn’t want to visit one of the best chocolatiers in all the world?


If you’re a fan of modern and contemporary art, then you’ll want to visit the SFMoMA. Since 1935, they’ve featured works of art in all disciplines from the most talented artists of our age. Get a sneak preview at their website, so you know which exhibits you’ll just have to see!

With so much to do and see, you’ll need to stay in San Francisco for at least a week! And I haven’t even mentioned the ballet, the other art museums, and the wineries! What’s your favorite San Francisco attraction? Where do you always make sure to visit? Please let me know!

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I live in SF, and I have yet to ride a cablecar...visit Alcatraz..the Musueum of Modern Art.. I guess those are places some friends and I can plan for a day out.

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