7 Ways to Celebrate Your Heritage ...

I love living in the United States, not so much for our foreign policies (it’s an embarrassment, frankly) but because of our wide range of diverse and fascinating cultures. Only a fraction of our population is Native American, which means at some point over the last 350 years, our families had to come from somewhere else… we’re from Greece and France. Generations ago, your heritage was something to be dismissed, but now, we tend to want to learn more about our ancestry, and where we came from. Not sure how? Here are 7 ways to celebrate your heritage!

1. Learn the Language

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Unless your ancestors came from an English-speaking country, wouldn’t it be amazing to learn the language? I’d love to learn to speak Greek, or at least read it, so I could de-code the postcards and letters my great-grandfather exchanged with his family after he moved here as a teen…

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