7 Fun Things to do in Detroit ...


7 Fun Things to do in Detroit ...
7 Fun Things to do in Detroit ...

Detroit may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of fun places to visit in the Midwest, but there are dozens of attractions and activities within the city, and in the suburbs. It’s known as Motown, The Motor City, and Hockeytown! Here’s my list offun stuffto do while you’re here…

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Detroit may be home to the abysmally bad Lions NFL team, but we also have the Red Wings, Pistons, and Tigers to make up for it. The Lions, Red Wings, and Tigers both play in state-of-the-art, gorgeous parks right in the heart of downtown Detroit, and the Pistons play in the suburbs, so depending on the season, catch a game! Right now it’s the perfect time to see the Wings, so order tickets, grab an ice cold beer, and enjoy the game!


Detroit has a number of historic mansions, but The Whitney is, in my view, the most stunning. It was once a private residence, built by a local lumber baron, but now it’s a top-notch restaurant and attraction. If you can, visit during Christmas, when the Whitney is decorated forthe holiday season, and is at its most exquisite. Dine downstairs, then go upstairs to the GhostBar and enjoy cocktailsand live music.


An island? In the middle of the city? Why, yes! Belle Isle is a small island, reachable by a bridge, in the Detroit River. It’s perfect for summertime picnics, and the zoo is small but lovely. During the winter, Bell Isle has several indoor cultural events, too! Perfect for some winter fun!


If you lovebooks, then you must visit John King Used Books. It’s a huge warehouse, hot in the summer, chilly in the winter, four stories of nothing but rare and used books. How many books? Over 750,000 of them! Plan to spend an afternoon, wear comfortable shoes, and prepare to be delighted.


If you like Saturday night Live, you’ll love the Second City, which touts itself as “the world's premier comedy theatre and school of improvisation.” Even the New York Times calls the Second City “a comedy empire.” Enjoy a night out at the Second City and find out why!


There is always, always something interesting going on at the Detroit Institute of the Arts and the attached Detroit Film Theater. They make it their mission to make art accessible to everyone, and their collections feature some of the most iconic, sought-after pieces in the world, including their famous “Detroit Industry” murals by Diego Rivera.


If you want a close-up look at what’s made Detroit famous over the past couple of hundred years, you’ll want to visit the Henry Ford, a museum in the extreme. Naturally, many of the exhibits feature automobiles, but many also highlight our heroes, including Rose Parks. Again, plan to spend the day wandering through the various buildings and exhibits, and bring the kids!

If you have time, there are so many other fun, interesting things to do in Detroit! There are the three big casinos, the Motown Museum, and so much more! Have you been to Detroit recently? Which places and attractions do you like best, and why? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Marc Akemann

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Hello. I'm glad you like my night shot of Detroit but no one asked for permission to use it. Please remove my image from your site. Thank you. Marc Akemann

Thanks Sheila,...sorry for being a Mr. Killjoy. Good luck with your endeavor. -Marc

If you are referring to the old Belle Isle Zoo, it has been closed for years. The Belle Isle Nature Zoo is indeed a great place to go, especially for children's programs. It is located on the far east end of the island. Belle Island itself is a beautiful spot, with the lovely Scott Fountain on the opposite end of the island and many other unigue features.

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