7 Party Themes for a Toddler ...

Even though my kids aren’t toddlers anymore, I still come up with great party ideas for little kids. These can be for birthday celebrations, holidays, or for a gathering of friends before summer gets rolling. Little kids think themed parties are excellent, especially when there might be the option for costumes! Here are 7 party themes for a toddler that I have come up with.

7. A Day on the Farm

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For most toddlers, farms are amazing places. I’m not saying you need to bring in a herd of small animals for the party. Stuffed animals and other farm-related decorations will do. If the party can be held outside, then bales of straw can be used to sit on. I find these bales to be a bit prickly in little legs, but covering the top edge with a thick towel will make them more comfortable. Toddlers could bring their favorite stuffed farm animal to the party. Straw hats could be given as party favors. The possibilities are endless!

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