Checklist of Things You Need for a Picnic ...


Checklist of Things You Need for a Picnic ...
Checklist of Things You Need for a Picnic ... title='checklist.pdf'>checklist.pdfIt hardly matters on what kind of picnic you are going, as it is always wise to go through a picnic checklist. By going through a well-prepared checklist of things you need for a picnic, you know what else you may need. No doubt, everyone's picnic checklist will be different but there are some items that are essential for any kind of picnic. There is no need to go for shopping just before going on a picnic that your kids plan without telling you well in advance. Update yourself with weather forecasts, pack the things listed below and enjoy the picnic trip with your kids, relatives or friends.
β€’ Mattress pad or furniture pad

β€’ Shade umbrella, if required

β€’ Add bite lotion to first aid kit

β€’ Disposable towels

β€’ Hand wipe/tissue papers
Paper plates

β€’ Plastic utensils (Use and throw)

β€’ Napkins (or a roll of paper towels)

β€’ Sharp knife, can opener, bottle opener, scissors,

β€’ Pre-moistened rough clothes (wet wipes)

β€’ Thermo flasks to keep drinks warm or cool
β€’ Jelly and Peanut Butter
Pre-packed lunch and cheeses
Package of hot dogs
Apple sauce, pudding, single-serving-size fruit cups

β€’ Chips, cookies, crackers

β€’ 2-3 bottles of drinking water
Some packs of drinks
Salt and pepper
Paper and Pencil
Some games like cards, chess, balls etc

β€’ Books, iPod, pillows etc.

β€’ Camera title='checklist.pdf'>Download Print Version
You will find most of these things in your house, so why you get panicked when your kids tell you about** quick picnic program**. While going on a picnic, think creatively to make the trip memorable event not only for your kids but for the elders too. Plan the lunch, snacks and picnic activities keeping in mind the choices of each individual. Now, I will tell you some tips that will make it easier to prepare a perfect checklist of things you need for a picnic.

Using mattress pad or furniture pad makes it more convenient to shake away sand and dirt. Apart from this both of these can be washed easily. Don't afraid of carrying favorite dishes; wrap them well with tea towels. Tea, soft drinks coffee and juice etc taste better in glass containers. If you worry about breaking or losing of favourite cutlery, crockery, plates, buy cheap ones. You should take along cake covers of various sizes that will keep your food safe from insects. After returning back from picnic, don’t forget to wash the entire picnic items before strong them for the next use.

Yes, next time when you go to the market for routine shopping, purchase the listed items to store in your shelf so that you could prove yourself whenever needed.

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i enjoyed a picnic with these things listed below

panget nga ehh i hate it hindi naman pwede lahat

the best picnic in 10 mins.

A quick picnic program is a nice idea. Im very forgetful and a list should remind me of the things I need to bring. Thanks!

Hey guys, I am planning a picnic for my one year anniversary, but it won't be able to happen until 3 hours after I leave my house. Any suggestions on what food I can bring, that will still be good by then?

Thank you for this post - it's very useful. I like the print version - it's great, guys!

Thanks for d info.. My finance's birthday is on Monday,am a little broke but wanna do sum n special for him so i was thinking moonlight picnic,i've figured out buying pizza n ice cream n maybe a cheap aforrdable wine,but d thing is getting lights is a problem,if i use candles d breeze will blow it off n i av no idea where d venue should be...pls any suggestion will be appreciated... Thanks

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