15 Must-Have Items for Hime Gyaru Style ...


15 Must-Have Items for Hime Gyaru Style ...
15 Must-Have Items for Hime Gyaru Style ...

I am happy to bring you a guest post by the wonderfully awesome Violet of Violet LeBeaux - Tales of an Ingénue. This is an essential read for someone interested in Hime Grayu or princess girl style. Thanks Violet for this cute and super-girly post! I feel like bedazzling everything I own now, even my sewing machine!

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Big Hair

Big Hair Voluminous hair is a staple of Hime style fashion. Though fashions lately have been slightly more varied, you just can't go past the big standard pouf with lots of bouncy curls. To achieve this you need a great hair spray as well!


Big Eyes

Big Eyes Whether achieved with make up, circle lenses or you're just naturally gifted, the big beautiful doll eyed look is the perfect match for a Hime style look. As well as just looking cute big eyes really help to make sure that your face isn't lots amongst all of the hair and other bling!


A Pastel Colour Dress with Beautiful Detailing

A Pastel Colour Dress with Beautiful Detailing While rose prints are always fantastic for hime gyaru the latest trends seem to be more towards plain colours with smaller details eg. rose laces, ruffles and pearl detailing. Leave behind that pink leopard print (for the love of god!) and go for something more elegant!


A Great Make up Routine

A Great Make up Routine If you're just starting in hime styles you should spend time making sure you have a good routine. This is especially true if you want to wear the style every single day, practice makes perfect! If you have been wearing the style for quite a while, be critical of your make up. Changing things up slightly in the make up department can be a fantastic way to keep your look fresh and prevent yourself from getting bored.


Big Shoes

Big Shoes Big shoes are important, not meaning big in size but big in impact. Hime style is about the details and shoes are no exception. Shoes should have a point of interest like a big flower, lace details or bows. Heels are much more flattering to this style than flats as they really elongate the legs.


A Good Grasp on Budgeting

A Good Grasp on Budgeting Dressing in this style is awesome but if you're not careful spending can really run away from you! One of the most important abilities of a clever princess is the ability to budget and diy the things she can't afford ^_^


A Cute (but Sturdy) Handbag

A Cute (but Sturdy) Handbag Girls tend to carry a lot around and with the added weight of things like hairspray, the latest copy of Ageha and the deco cell phone that weighs the same as a brick... you really need something that is as functional as it is cute. When buying an every day bag make sure to check the size compared to what you normally carry, there's not point buying that adorable little bow shaped clutch if you need to carry a laptop in it!



Tea Hime style is really about appreciating beauty, there's no point to having a wardrobe full of beautiful things when you never have any time to appreciate them. A cup of tea represents taking few minutes to sit down every day, relax and appreciate the beauty in everything. I say tea because that's what helps me relax and unwind a little bit at afternoon tea. You can replace tea with whatever works for you ^_^


A Supply of Beauty/hair Treatments

A Supply of Beauty/hair Treatments Hime style can take it's toll on the body very quickly. Most girls wear quite heavy make up all the time and teasing/back combing and bleaching can do serious damage to your hair. I try to have 1 hair product/make up free day a week to give my skin and hair a break. To keep my hair in good shape I like to use hair treatments, and face masks are great for de-stressing skin.


Winter Jacket with Ridiculous Fur Trim

Winter Jacket with Ridiculous Fur Trim These have always been a must have for hime girls in colder climates. Not only are they quite warm, they just look incredible!


Sparkly Nails

Sparkly Nails Bling bling! Hime style and over the top nails are best friends! Hime loves her details and beautifully manicured nails are one of the little things which finish off the look. Whether it's a french mani with some diamantes to catch attention or a huge 3D acrylic sparklies the nails are an integral part of an outfit!


Interesting Stockings

Interesting Stockings Stockings go perfectly with hime gyaru clothes. Any stockings will do, whether you contrast black with a white dress or have an elegant white lace pair, stockings add an extra bit of interest to your outfit. In this style more is more so you can't go wrong ;)


Fast Internet Connection

Fast Internet Connection This is especially true of gals who don't live in Japan or places where hime style is easily available. A good internet connection can make it much easier to find friends all around the world who are interested in the same things that you are. If you can't source clothes locally, find them online and order! Need some inspiration? Browse Jesus Diamante's website and incorporate the ideas into your own outfits!


Stylish Yet Insanely Comfortable Dress

Stylish Yet Insanely Comfortable Dress Hime styles take a lot of effort and maintenance to keep up. I think that every girl should have one dress that is as comfortable as pajamas to wear but looks like a million dollars to everyone else. That way you can still look absolutely adorable while relaxing! Cute roomwear is also a must, why not look beautiful while just relaxing around the house or sleeping too?


A Hugely Decorated Cell Phone

A Hugely Decorated Cell Phone Why stop at just your outfit? Every thing a hime gyaru owns should be as beautiful as she can possibly make it. Embrace deco and bling out your phone!
Top Image by Violet

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Omg I love this post! These are so true and I especially notice them living in Asia. I think I've found an idea for my next alter-ego photo shoot ^_^

Awesome as always, Violet!

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