8 Cute Western-Inspired Looks ...


8 Cute Western-Inspired Looks ...
8 Cute Western-Inspired Looks ...

I highly recommend making a road trip across Route 66 at some point in your young adult life. Not just because the scenery is so amazing, or the road-side shops and diners are so steeped in kitschy cool, but also because the fashions are so marvelous! Can’t make the trip anytime soon? No worries! Here’s my list of 8 cute western-inspired looks, perfect for adding cowgirl flair to your wardrobe without the road trip!

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Urban Renewal Boyfriend Western Shirt

Urban Renewal Boyfriend Western Shirt Price: $39.99 at urbanoutfitters.com
Aside from its eco-friendly approach to sourcing fabrics to make one-of-a-kind clothing items, these shirts by Urban Renewal are just plain chic with a very western flair. Choose from four distinct colors, but your shirt will be slightly different than the ones pictured on the site. I love the boyfriend cut, too… he can’t have it back!


BDG Crinkle Plaid Western Shirt

BDG Crinkle Plaid Western Shirt Price: $29.99 at urbanoutfitters.com
Green, mauve, or mustard? You might not think so, but the western desert landscape is replete with gorgeous colors, not just sandy brown. Take this pretty plaid shirt for example. It’s clearly western-inspired, with the chest pockets and curve at the hem, but also in its vivid palette of colors. Choose the color you like best and wear with your comfiest khaki or denim shorts.


Lucca Couture Plaid Western Shirt

Price: $9.99 at urbanoutfitters.com
Proof that cute western wear doesn’t have to delete a cowgirl’s wardrobe budget! This cute boyfriend-style plaid shirt has just enough western flair, with the chest pocket and tabs at the sleeves without being over the top. Wear open over a tank on a dress… perfect!


Western Turquoise Drops

Western Turquoise Drops Price: $16.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
It was just before dusk when you and your boyfriend pulled up to that road-side turquoise jewelry shop. The old man at the table was fast asleep, and you hated to wake him up just so you could buy these gorgeous dangling earrings… so you left a twenty and a note, and took the earrings. Now you wear them with everything, from your favorite denim jumper to your sweetest floral-print dress, and every time you wear them, you remember that road-trip through New Mexico with your boyfriend…


Kimchi Blue Canvas Western Boot

Kimchi Blue Canvas Western Boot Price: $58.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
Cowboy boots are so cliché, too easy a way to fill your Western wardrobe quotient. Try these instead, obviously inspired by those cowboy boots, but still chic and urban enough to not go over the top. Not sure that blue canvas is your thing? Try them in smoky light grey or vibrant chili-pepper red instead.


Dolce Vita Western Buckle Wedge

Dolce Vita Western Buckle Wedge Price: $168.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
Perhaps cowgirl wardrobe inspiration ought to be in the details, not the fabric or the shape. For instance, the shiny silver buckles on these very strappy wedge sandals. Note the Western-styled detailing, paired with the very urban shoe. Love it!


Deena & Ozzy Reptile Hobo with Flap

Deena & Ozzy Reptile Hobo with Flap Price: $39.99 at urbanoutfitters.com
GASP! That’s not genuine reptile skin, is it? No, my eco-conscious friend, of course not! It just looks like the real thing, inspired by the desert-dry snakes and lizards that frequent the southwest. It’s gorgeous without the guilt, and would look smashing with those navy Kimchi boots, wouldn’t it?

Any or all of these items would add a little cowgirl flair to an otherwise urban wardrobe, wouldn’t they? Short of making a road trip down Route 66, there’s no better way to get the style. Which of these cowgirl-inspired pieces do you like best? Or have you spied something else you love more? Please let me know!

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