8 Most Stylish Older Ladies ...


8 Most Stylish Older Ladies ...
8 Most Stylish Older Ladies ...

It seems that in our culture, youth is prized above everything. Why is that so, I wonder, when many older women are taking great care of themselves (my 80-year old mother flatly refuses to give in to grey hair and always dresses smartly). Here are some of the most stylish ladies over 50 (which isn’t that old, really …)

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Honor Blackman

Honor Blackman Photo Credit: the_gonz

If I reach my 80s, I hope that I look as beautiful and elegant as Honor. There aren’t many people I find truly inspirational, but she is one of them. Honor clearly enjoys life and has a great spirit.


Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve Photo Credit: Silky Slim

One word that sums up Catherine Deneuve is immaculate. It’s extraordinary to think that her career began almost 50 years ago, when you see how youthful (but not in a ridiculous way) she looks (and without surgery, I suspect). In every photo she appears stylish and groomed.


Judi Dench

Judi Dench Photo Credit: Caroline Bonarde Ucci

Judi has found a hairstyle that suits her perfectly, and is one of those ladies who looks better as she gets older. One thing that adds to her stylishness is her smile, which lends her a slightly mischievous look.


Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren Photo Credit: jniih

Like Judi Dench, it seems that Ms. Mirren is getting more stylish as she gets older. From her simple yet flattering haircut to her choice of clothes, Helen shows that being over 60 is no barrier to looking good.


Juliet Stevenson

Juliet Stevenson Photo Credit: iron_smyth48

Juliet is no classic beauty, but has found a style that suits her and sticks with it. She doesn’t try to make herself look ridiculously young, but wears flattering clothes and, I suspect, doesn’t worry too much about her appearance.


Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini Photo Credit: Globality

I can’t believe Lancome dropped Isabella as a model when she turned 40. She still looks fantastic in her 50s! Isabella has a signature look of short dark hair and red lipstick – why experiment, if you’ve found something that works for you so well?


Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Photo Credit: Pulicciano

Meryl Streep is obviously much lauded for her acting career, but it’s noticeable that she is another woman who looks better as she gets older (see, there are many of them!). At 60, she has some lines, sure, but wears them with ease, and as a result looks much better than her plastic surgery counterparts.


Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer Photo Credit: Cine Fanatico

Wow, does this woman look amazing at 51. Michelle is another one who has found a hairstyle that suits her, and her dress style is simple and flattering. She is just beautiful.

What all these women have in common is a style that is either innate, or acquired with the years. They look good not in spite of their age, but because of it. So let’s celebrate our older ladies, and look forward to the advantages of maturity! Top Photo Credit: Ray Evans1

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Our society dictates by media, that women must be young to be "hot" the news media is a great example they keep the old men, and change it up always with a young woman! Commercials all youth driven why? Well that would be the tax base of America the "Youth" you see it is all about "MONEY" Its time America realizes that Beauty is within the person, Beauty is within. America is not so beautiful in todays world

I hope to be like these ladies someday! So elegant and refined and downright gorgeous!

Oh......they are really lovely,elegant and gorgeous.

I love Helen Mirren...cant wait to see her in Red, she looks like she kicks ass!

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