8 Seriously Stylish Celebrity Children ...


8 Seriously Stylish Celebrity Children ...
8 Seriously Stylish Celebrity Children ...

A recent study into the most common search terms used on the internet saw ‘stylish Children's clothes’ rating surprisingly highly, which triggered a survey into celebrity children. I like to think I’m well dressed, but as a two year old, I was in matching puffy gingham dresses with my sister, and tiny blonde plaits...not really setting the fashion world alight! It’s so different for children these days...just check out these ones!

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Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Photo Credit: mbeirouty

Suri is stunning! She has such a natural prettiness about her, and she’s always wearing the cutiest clothes! From maxi dresses to shorts, she is always bang on trend, and even has a super cute pair of heels (although there aren’t necessarily good for childrens feet). She’s almost four now, a regular at movie sets and is always in the headlines. A future fashion queen in the making!


Romeo Beckham

Romeo Beckham Photo Credit: Patrick Liu

Romeo is gorgeous. From the long blonde locks he had, to his new sleeker look, he always looks fantastic, and he dresses amazingly too. He’s always so appropriately dressed...in a cute mini suit or a sports kit at a football game, he has a masculine style and always looks effortlessly stylish.


Maddox Jolie

Maddox is gorgeous. I love his super shiny hair! Maddox is now the older brother to Angelina and Brad’s five other children, and at eight years old, looks set to keep his gorgeous good looks as he grows up. He’s even rumoured to be into the ladies already...he’s such a cutie!


Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon Photo Credit: [ M by L ]

Lourdes is very lucky, having Madonna as a mum! Not only does she get all of her Mum’s style knowledge, but they are also setting up a fashion label together, and Madonna encourages Lourdes to push the boundaries and try new looks. She’s already well on her way to being a star, too, being bilingual in French and having travelled the World, and even rumoured to have been offered a part in Harry Potter!


Sean Preston Spears

Sean Preston Spears Photo Credit: HOLLYWOOD KIDS

Well, he might be involved in a harsh custody battle, but Sean always manages to look good. He’s the sparkle of his Daddy’s eye, and he has a truly enviable wardrobe. From swimwear to haircuts he always looks well dressed and groomed, and he must have multiple wardrobes to hold all those clothes...


Junior Andre

Junior Andre Junior was always going to be gorgeous...just look at his Dad! His dress sense could have gone either way, though, with his Mum making some dodgy fashion decisions at times, but luckily he seems to have great style and always looks fantastic. He has a very smart wardrobe, and looks exactly like his Dad. Awww!


Apple Martin

Apple Martin Apple is so gorgeous! I love her wavy long blonde hair...it illuminates her face and she has such gorgeous porcelain skin...she’s a mini model all the way. She’s always well dressed, too, and even accessorizes her outfits to her needs...remember those super cute pink earmuffs when Dad was playing a festival? She even looks ridicously cute while shopping! ( img2.timeinc.net


Ruby Henson

Ruby Henson Ruby is a stunner. Which I didn’t really expect...she has a fairly normal life with mum Charlotte and dad Gavin, so it’s easy to miss her out of the cutest-celebrity-children lists. She is actually adorable, though. Here she is at two, with her baby brother, looking adorable at his christening. Her fine ash-blonde hair really suits her. She’s a stunner!

These children have better wardrobes then me...And they don’t even dress themselves! From carrying off any outfit to having monogrammed hoodies, they are all gorgeous and not yet tainted by fame...and admit it, you’d love to have at least one of these children! Have you spotted a stylish celebrity baby I’ve missed? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Love Those Shoes Kids

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SUri Cruise is absolutely ADORABLE. I love herr. (: ANd Nahla is SUCH A CUTIE too! (:

Halle Berry's daughter Nahla

suri cruise is my favourite, she's such a beautiful child, and so is kingston & honor marie!

SURI IS THE BEST i wish i was one of her FAMILY members she is just SOOOOOOOO CUTE AHH

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