8 Seriously Stylish Celebrity Children ...

A recent study into the most common search terms used on the internet saw ‘stylish childrens clothes’ rating surprisingly highly, which triggered a survey into celebrity children. I like to think I’m well dressed, but as a two year old, I was in matching puffy gingham dresses with my sister, and tiny blonde plaits...not really setting the fashion world alight! It’s so different for children these days...just check out these ones!

1. Suri Cruise

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Photo Credit: mbeirouty

Suri is stunning! She has such a natural prettiness about her, and she’s always wearing the cutiest clothes! From maxi dresses to shorts, she is always bang on trend, and even has a super cute pair of heels (although there aren’t necessarily good for childrens feet). She’s almost four now, a regular at movie sets and is always in the headlines. A future fashion queen in the making!

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