5 Menswear-Inspired Style Inspirations ...


5 Menswear-Inspired Style Inspirations ...
5 Menswear-Inspired Style Inspirations ...

the Shirt

Here Kirsten looks absolutely ravishing in a men's polo shirt and a very mini-skirt. While she may look uncomfortable on the red carpet (awkward posing, anyone?), she looks divine in this photo. Makes you wish you look as good in a men's shirt, right?

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Annie Hall is perhaps the best inspiration for menswear-inspired styling. To get an Annie vibe in your outfit, do not forget to use suspenders with your mini-skirt.


the Shoes

Sure you can wear brogues but why not go medieval menswear-inspired? Here are the sketch and sample of Maid Marian's (Cate Blanchett) boots in the latest Robin Hood film. They kick some serious *ass, if you ask me. The color is lovely!


the Pants

Go tailored but high waist (check 4th and 9th photos). Take cues from the H&M fall 2010 lookbook. Now if only I were tall enough to pull off a pair of pants as chic as those.


Here is a complete outfit guide for a wonderful menswear-inspired style, courtesy of Rachel Zoe. The satchel is a must and I agree. In fact, I am in search of the perfect satchel at the moment.

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Ooo I love Annie Hall! I don't know if I could carry off the suspenders the way Diane Keaton did

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