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Facial Fitness Exercises a Great Substitute for anti - Ageing Products

By Mabelle

I had a great laugh when I read an article online about this lady who had too many plastic surgeries that she had a ‘permanently surprised’ look on her face when she turned 62. I would not want to have that look when I reach my 50’s or 60’s - that is why I slather my face and neck with moisturizer and use a lot of anti-ageing products.

However, there is an alternative way for you to look young and defy gravity: by doing facial exercises. You may look and feel funny while exercising your facial muscles, but they do the job in toning your facial muscles.

Here is one example: To prevent the lines on your forehead from showing, put your index fingers on the area above your eyes. Use a pulling motion with your hands while trying to raise your eyebrows. Repeat this 5 to 10 times.

There are other exercises that you can do to tone the muscles on your eyes, lips, cheeks and neck. Just like the muscles in your body, once your facial muscles are toned, they will be firm and wrinkles, sagging and deep or fine lines will be a thing of the past.

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