Get Rid of Adult Acne ...


Get Rid of Adult Acne ...
Get Rid of Adult Acne ...

Adult acne is definitely an unpleasant thing to have, especially if you are a woman and care about how you look. If you are well above the teen age and suddenly start developing **blackheads** and **blemishes** on your face, which do not want to go away no matter how careful you are about your personal hygiene, read the following facts on what causes adult acne and what you can do to get rid of it.

What makes more than 60 millions of adults in the States (the vast majority of whom are women!) develop middle-age acne, while it is still a rare condition in more traditional societies? The answer is definitely in our industrial lifestyle, bad dietary preferences, and extreme environmental pollution. The basic causes are the following:**1. **Bad diet is number one cause of adult-onset acne. Bad diet, which robs us of essential nutrients and disrupts both digestive ecology and healthy hormonal balance, usually consists of the following:

- overconsumption (more than 100 grams a day) of carbohydrates, especially in the form of processed breads, pastas, sugar, sweets, soda pop, etc., which stimulates insulin production and severely worsens an acne condition;

- giving preference to newfangled vegetable oils, margarines, and trans fats in processed foods, instead of eating traditional animal fats with antimicrobial and hormone-stabilizing properties (coconut and marine oils, natural butter, cultured cream, etc.);

- eating non-organic meats and dairy products, which contain a big amount of residual hormones and other medication that are fed to the cattle on a regular basis. Consumption of such impure products is especially dangerous for women, because female hormones are very sensitive and can easily get out of balance due to foreign synthetic medication in the food. In time, this bad diet manifests as PMS, pregnancy complications, pathological menopause, and adult acne;

- eating mostly “dead”, cooked and processed, foods, which do not provide friendly bacteria for the digestive tract. It’s interesting to note that women who regularly eat natural yogurt, home-made pickles and unpasteurized sauerkraut, rarely suffer from adult acne.

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Hormones, Which, Again, Easily Get out of Balance Due to Inappropriate Food, Stress, Hormone-containing Medication, Birth-control Pills, and Changes Brought by the Monthly Cycle, Menopause and Pregnancy


Genes. Hereditary element can worsen adult acne, especially in severe cases of so-called “scarring acne”


Synthetic face-care products and makeup, which clog the pores and disrupt the acid-alkaline balance of the face skin. Needless to say that, if you want to have a clean skin, you always should opt for natural and preferably home-made creams and other beauty products for your face

What are the solutions?
Change your diet, use the best skin care products, and be patient - your body will need some time to restore the balance and cure your skin. A great natural approach to treating adult acne is described here.

However, if you want immediate results, you can try some of numerous acne medications (which usually just mask the symptoms and which I therefore do not recommend). Top acne treatment products can be found at, while information on homeopathic acne remedies you can find at therapy

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For acne issues you can even try natural cure like application of egg, infusion of tulsi leaves, poultice of sugar with small amount of water, and mixture of tulsi leaves with turmeric powder.

I also STILL suffer from adult acne at 40! I do think that diet is most likely the cause of adult acne. I also think environmental issues as well. Such as high humidity, dirty pillow cases and so on.

Hi tinkerbell, you are very much right about exercising! i had a very tough time with acne but now thats to the new treadmill i bought my acne is diappearing. I do running everyday and my acne is getting better. exercising wont really suit everybody it might actually make it worse!!! this is only the case if you dont clean your self properly after exercising. I have a shower and i use body shop shower els and scrubs to really clean my body and for the face I use st ives olive scrub, clean and clear blackhead scub and tea tree toner you can get these products from superdrug. You can also try steaming your face to open the pores up; make sure you clean properly afterwards.

I also struggle with this, but only get acne once a month, yes exactly at that time of the month, every month. So mine is completely hormone related. It used to be so much worse but I went on roaccutane. I believe in the states that has been taken off the market or renamed as it can make people feel depressed. I didn't have any of those feelings as I was on half the normal dose for a longer period of time. It's been a life saver. I used to have at least 9 pustules on my face ever day. This morning I don't have one. Although still have the monthly break outs, but only one or two. For those suffering I say, try everything. Eating well, drinking a lot of water every day (I think personally it's a huge key) etc etc. I wouldn't believe beauty therapists who say it's what you use on your skin, but if you feel they may be right, try other skin products. Don't give up.

Um, animal fats are bad for your skin and vegetable oils, while not great, are better than animal fats. Just thought I'd point out that you got a bit mixed up there.

There are four important factors that contribute to all acne, teenage and adult. These factors are: hormonal imbalance, retention hyperkeratosis (build up of dead skin cells), inflammation, and Propriani Acnes bacteria. As you age your skin cell turn over cycle slows down, resulting in an excess of dead skin that must be removed in order for the natural sebum to work it's way to the surface of the skin and do it's job- maintain a healthy balance to keep bacterial invaders out of the body. Also as you age your hormone levels can change, and when they do, you can get acne when skin was clear before. It is important to seek the consultation of a professional at the onset of adult acne to control symptoms and minimize scarring.

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