5 Skin Care Tips for Each Skin Type …


In the previous article, we learned about five different skin types, namely, normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive and a necessity of a proper skin care that would be adjusted for your particular skin type.

Today, read our skin care recommendations that are designed to guide you through a wide sea of various beauty tips and products towards finding what you really need in order to keep your skin smooth, young, and gorgeous.

1. Normal Skin …

Normal skin, although being the least problematic type, still requires cleaning, nourishing, and moisturizing.

• In the morning, refresh your skin with rose water or an alcohol-free astringent tonic and moisturize it with a mild, non-greasy cream, preferably made from natural ingredients without petroleum by-products.

• Use a good quality make-up, but do not overindulge. Before bed, gently wash your face with a mild soap, such as goat milk soap, and put on a bit of an oil-based nourishing cream, paying particular attention to the areas around your eyes.

• After about 15 minutes, gently pat your skin dry with a napkin.

• Once a week, use an egg yolk mask, or any other natural and non-drying mask to feed and rejuvenate your face skin.

• Do not forget to take care about your body, as well. Every day after showering, use a mild moisturizing lotion to keep your body skin supple and healthy.

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