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If you’ve turned the TV on in the last year, you’ll have seen the adverts for anti ageing creams. And roller-balls. And foundation... as if women didn’t worry about ageing enough! Contrary to popular belief, though, it isn’t time to start splashing out on expensive make-up to cover up. Instead, follow these tips, whatever your age, and you’ll age much more slowly!

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De-stress! Photo Credit: shes_jack

While this might seem pointless, it’s been proven to work! Take five minutes to calm yourself down when you are stressed, and your skin will suffer much less, meaning you age much slower. Whether you go for a quick walk or listen to a song, staying calm is key!


Get Enough Sleep!

Get Enough Sleep! Photo Credit: AehoHikaruki

Pay attention to your body, and see how much sleep you need. Some people need six hours, some eight, some five and a quarter. Whatever it is, make sure you get it every night. Cutting back on sleep causes irritability and mood swings, as well as having an irreversible negative effect on the skin!


Stop Smoking!

Stop Smoking! Photo Credit: lanier67

Smoking is not only bad for the body, it’s terrible for the skin, too, unless you like the wrinkly, yellow-tinged look! Google pictures of lifelong smokers, and use their wrinkly, paper-like skin to stop you from reaching for the cigarettes. You’ll feel much happier, live longer, and look five times younger!


Choose a Cleanser Carefully!

Choose a Cleanser Carefully! Photo Credit: paul_cheung

Try and use a cleanser that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids. These are amazingly good for the skin, and if you use it every day, they will prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing! It also removes make-up, and will give you a gorgeous natural glow.



Moisturize! Photo Credit: Konstantin Sutyagin

Moisturizing daily is essential to keeping skin healthy. Our skin is exposed to so many fumes and chemicals on a daily basis that it’s easy for it to get dehydrated, which leads to lines and wrinkles. Pick a nutritious and creamy formula, and make sure to apply it to your face and neck.


Drink Water!

Drink Water! Photo Credit: *Michelle*(xena2542)-on /off flickr

For similar reasons to above, drink as much water as you can every day. This will hydrate you, and keep your skin looking healthy with a natural glow. Dehydrating for even a few minutes can damage the skin badly, and it takes a lot of TLC to fully recover!


Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

Don’t Forget Sunscreen! Photo Credit: ruthiedee

Even in the winter your skin is being attacked by harmful UVA and UVB rays, which aren’t good for it at all! The newest ranges of foundation and concealers contain sunscreen, which will suffice in the winter, but make sure you use SPF 20+ on holidays and in the summer. You can still tan, but without the wrinkles!

Keeping your skin looking and feeling young is easy if you start early enough, and these tips are easy enough to add into your daily routine. You’ll be looking radiant and young forever! Have you got a tip for keeping skin young? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: Dior.com

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Oh I know a huge one for this!! If you want to stop wrinkles around your eyes and forehead wear uv protective sunglasses! Not just during the summer either. I used to have DEEP lines in my forehead and severe squinting lines. After making sure I have sunglasses everywhere (purse, car, by both doors, tool box, everywhere) my forehead lines have practically disappeared and the squinting lines did. Another good one for your eyes is avoid wiping them as much as humanly possible. The elasticity of your eyelids is very fragile and the more you pull and stretch them the faster they will wrinkle or get that lizard look. Apply makeup in a way that doesn't pull your eyelids.

Trying to drink lots of water, but it's so hard! I can't keep going to the washroom every hour!!! :(

I switched to more natural products to help my skin and slow aging. I envy the asians with perfect skin, so I try to follow their routine these days.

avoid too much of makeup .. the fewer the chemicals, the better and safer the skin.. :)

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