12 Ways to Remain Confident in Spite of Pimples ...


12 Ways to Remain Confident in Spite of Pimples ...
12 Ways to Remain Confident in Spite of Pimples ...

Unless you’re extraordinarily lucky and blessed, at one time or another, you’ll have an acne break-out. You may want to stay home and hide under the covers until your skin clears up, but that’s just not possible — you have school, work, friends, a life to live! Hey, I’ve been there! It’s hard to stay self-assured when you have a face that looks like pizza! So how can you remain your usual confident, wonderful self in spite of those pesky pimples? Here’s how…

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Have a Sense of Humor

What’s the best way to stay confident in spite of a break-out? Laugh it out! Crack a joke about your break-out before anyone else can. Come on! It is pretty funny, isn’t it?


Ignore Them

It’s totally okay to ignore those snarky, wicked stinkers who think it’s okay to comment on your complexion. I’ll be they’re just jealous of the pre-pimples you… and they’re taking the one chance they’ll have to tease you… so just ignore them.


Save the Drama!

Don’t mope too much or get too whiny. It’s just a few pimples! It’s not the end of the world! If you want to get dramatic about something, I’m sure you can find something much better than acne.


Don’t Tease Others

One lesson I learned the hard way — it’s not okay to make fun of someone or to tease them about their skin. You might not realize it until it happens to you, but it can be hurtful. So don’t do it!


Know What to Say

It’s bound to happen — someone, somewhere will make a comment. So be prepared with a clever comeback or an answer for whatever that person might have to say.


Beware the Frenemy

We all have one of them, a friend who acts more like an enemy. When she sees your skin, she’ll make a snide comment that’s disguised to be helpful, but you know better. Avoid her, or better yet, cut her loose! Why do you need a friend like that, anyway?


Change Your Focus

Ok, so you’re skin’s a little messy right now. So focus on your other gorgeous features for a while, like your hair, your eyes, your lips.


Keep a Journal/blog

If you’re feeling a little insecure, write your feelings down in private in a journal or diary, or online in a blog. You can decide later whether or not to share it with someone else, but it helps to express those feelings.


Don’t Cover-up

You might be tempted to cake on make-up to hide the blemishes, but that’s a very bad idea. First of all, it slows the healing process, and second, it looks bad, crusty and uneven.


Don’t Hide inside

Don’t spend your evenings living the “if only” scenarios: if only my skin wasn’t this bad, I’d go out. Every moment of your life is precious, and you won’t get them back! So don’t waste time wishing things were different. Get out there and live anyway!


Have a Treatment Plan

Take a step in the right direction and develop a healthy skin treatment plan. Once you have a plan of action, and start your new skin-care ritual, you’ll feel more confident and in control.


Talk It out

Do you have one friend you can confide in about how you feel? Then talk to him or her when you’re not feeling very confident cause of your pimples. Chances are, they’ve felt the same way, and might be able to talk you into feeling a little better.

See? It’s completely possible to be confident even with a bad case of acne. My favorite joke when my skin’s not the best? I complain that it’s not fair that I have to worry about wrinkles and acne at the same time! How do you keep your confidence when you’ve got pimples? What works best for you? Please let me know… and share your little jokes, too!

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it depends what kind of chocolate though. milk chocolate might actually help cause some small breakouts because of the lactose in it. milk is not that great for skin and can cause breakouts (something about it breaking down) I would check into that! I don't care though milk chocolate is my favorite kind so I shall call it a myth too :) I know someone who had one of the worst cases of acne ever but guess what everyone loved her. She was witty and kind and fun to be around. And why am I using the past tense? Not sure she's still alive and a hoot and a half but her complexion has pretty much cleared and now she's uber fabulous even more so than before! Great tips! Personality really overrules a lot of things unless you're around ultra shallow people

I always use makeup to cover up pimples (: It's hard to just go out there with it visible when I know that I can do something to conceal it.. When I think I look my best, I can be my best..

I was so ashamed of my acne during my teen years. I did almost anything and everything to treat it. I no longer have acne but I have those acne scars. I can't even begin to explain how insecure it makes me. Though it's not that bad I don't anyone come close to my face. I am doing my best to make the acne scars go away. Past few months have been such a learning process. Hopefully my acne scars will become invisible soon.

i suffered from acne for around 10 years ! it's getting better now .. THX GOD ! the best thing to do is to REALLY ignore others ! the more ur concerned with what other people say , the more you will be stressed .... n then what ?! YES , another pimple will appear ! so, IGNORE THEM ! (that's people AND pimple :p ) and dont try to cover up ur pimples , it'll get even worse, n even if u do , try to wash ur face immediatly after ur done with ur whatever you r doing ! let ur face breathe.. and of course u have to see a dermatologist to help u with ur problem ....

I hate it when people say to stay away from chocolate because it causes pimples—that’s an old wives’ tale. All you need is good skin care, and you can eat as much chocolate as you want. I noticed a wonderful difference in my skin tone since switching to one line of skincare products, Essential. While representing L’Bel Paris, I am learning and now understand the importance of a daily routine with the Essential cleansing + toning + moisturizing combination. Maybe it is all the stress about not eating chocolate that make people break out.

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