12 Best Home Remedies for Pimples ...


12 Best Home Remedies for Pimples ...
12 Best Home Remedies for Pimples ...

Pimples can be frustrating for everyone. And if you think you are alone with a pimple, then you should think again. Most of us had this problem including truly yours, and I am about to let you in on some of my secrets and give you 12 best home remedies for pimples that'll clear that cute face right away…

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It is a known fact that pimples react positively to an extra addition of niacin as well as Vitamin A in the diet. I also recommend you taking four hundred mg of Vitamin E every day as it will work wonders on your skin. You may also want to try fifty mg of therapeutic zinc in capsule or tablet form three times each day.



You can create a good paste from the leaves of this vegetable and apply it to your face every night before bed. During morning time, wash the paste off with warm water.


Orange Peel

Take some orange peels, pound them and combine them with water. Apply this concoction to your face and watch the results.



Placing lemon juice on pimples is a great idea. Lemon juice will reduce the intensity and size of your pimples. Many know that lemon juice is the best home remedies for pimples.



Rub raw garlic on your pimples two times a day in order to clear up the skin. Eating three seeds of raw garlic once per day for about a month will produce some results. The garlic seeds work to purify the blood and that aids in keeping the pimples away.


Mint Juice and Coriander

This is one of the best home remedies for pimples that many do not know about. You will need to take coriander juice and mix (one teaspoon) and mix it with a small pinch of turmeric powder. Each night, before bed, apply this to your face. You could replace the coriander with mint juice.


Hot Epsom Salt Bath

It has been said that taking two Epsom salt baths each week will chase those pimples away.



Grate up some cucumber and apply it to the neck, face and eyes in order to treat your blackheads and pimples. This whole process is going to take you fifteen to twenty minutes.



Placing a small drop of toothpaste on your pimple will help it dry out. Do not leave this on for too long as it could irritate your skin.


Limejuice and Groundnut Oil

Take one tablespoon of groundnut oil and limejuice and mix it together. This will help pimples and blackheads.



This is a wonderful supplement to chase those pimples away. It kills the bacteria that causes pimples and will leave your skin feeling and looking clean and clear.


Raw Papaya Juice

Putting raw papaya juice on your pimples is an excellent idea.

There are many other remedies that I label as the best home remedies for pimples. Some of those include peeled potatoes, not wearing makeup that clogs the pores, cleaning the face two times a day, avoid squeezing the pimple, avoid stress, avoid processed foods and much more.

Do you have any remedies that you use to get rid of your pimples?

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I use the toothpaste one a lot. it doesn't irritate my skin but it freakin burns my eyeballs! Lol but it works really well..thanks for the post. It was super helpful

Haha I believe you, Sheila. But I'll try the other remedies first. :D

You just saved my life !!

I will try everything except the for the garlic one.

Hey guys what works best for you guys....like what kinda thing works better for your guyses pimples can you help me out im wondering which one of these things would work for my acne better =)

thnx for those tips it seems useful , i'll try em ;-D

I remember I read some similar post right here a few days ago and somebody did mentioned the toothpaste. I have to say that it really works, but not the gel toothpaste. :)

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