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We all know that to keep our minds and bodies looking good and working properly, we need to drink 64 ounces of water each day. Studies have shown that non-carbonated, non-caffeinated drinks count towards some of that tally, but we really do need to drink plain water every day. It can be hard, though, especially with all of those temptations out there… but don’t worry! I can help! Here are seven ways to drink more water, all of them tried and true by me, another girl who gets easily distracted by soda…

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Have a Glass before Bed

Have a Glass before Bed Photo Credit: Miss K.B.

There aren’t many night-caps that are as healthful as a tall glass of cool water, so why don’t more people imbibe before bed? I know, I know. That might mean you’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom — but it’s still a great way to get more water!


Carry a Bottle with You Everywhere

Carry a Bottle with You Everywhere Photo Credit: metz79

I keep a bottle of water in my handbag, and I carry it with me everywhere I go. You’ll be amazed at how many times you’ll reach for your water bottle if you keep it there next to you — during meetings, in school, at your desk, while you’re reading a book.


Keep a Bottle in the Car

Keep a Bottle in the Car Photo Credit: Sara. Nel

You see people sipping from coffee cups or soda bottles in their cars, so why not keep a bottle of water in the car to drink while you’re driving around, running errands or commuting? It’s a much more healthful choice than coffee or soda, and we do spend a lot of time in our cars…


Order It with Fast Food

Order It with Fast Food Photo Credit: mooshee85

Most of us indulge in fast food at least once a week, and most of the time, we order a soda to go along without Taco Bell or Burger King. But did you know most fast food restaurants also offer bottled water? Add a bottle to your meal instead of soda!


Keep It in the Fridge Instead of Soda

Keep It in the Fridge Instead of Soda Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Look into your fridge right now, and tell me what you have to drink in there. Let’s see — there’s a gallon of 2% milk, a few juice boxes, three bottles of IPA, and three different kinds of soda. Why not keep a few bottles, or a large container, of water in the fridge too? That way, when the whim for water strikes, you’ll have a cold one ready to drink.


Keep It in the Fridge at Work

Keep It in the Fridge at Work Photo Credit: Lisa-Mari

Instead of keeping soda in the fridge at work, try keeping a few bottles of water in there. Again, when you’re craving water, it will be cold and ready. If you have to walk to a vending machine, you might be tempted into making another, less healthful, choice… like soda.


Drink It with Either Lunch or Dinner

Drink It with Either Lunch or Dinner Photo Credit: Richard-

If you make a resolution to drink water with either lunch or dinner every day, you’ll be guaranteed to drink plenty of water. It doesn’t have to be the same meal each day, just make sure that for either meal, you drink water instead of milk, iced tea, or soda.

When you drink the water you should every day, you’ll look and feel so much better! If you use any of these tips to drink more water each day, you’re bound to get as much as you should, too! Do you have any tips to share that will help us all drink more water? Please share them with me… I can’t wait to hear them!

Top Photo Credit: laurenlemon

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Get a bowl and fill it with 8 M&Ms (Or small candy of choice). You're allowed to eat one candy for each glass of water you drink.

Keeping water in the car is very good, you just have to be careful to not leave water & have it heat up. That can make the water unsafe to drink.

Great tips on keeping you hydrated! Very simple hacks. I actually have a problem of remembering to drink water. Those tempting sodas really get in the way, but I'm sure to keep track of my water intake from now on. Now I found this post! Thanks by the way! ;D

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