8 Natural Pain Cures That Really Work ...

These days, I find that I always need to have painkillers. From injuring myself to headaches, there is always something hurting! Taking so many has always worried me, though, so I’ve been looking into natural ways to cure pain, in the hope of using some other remedies. Here’s what I found out...

1. Tisserand Head Clear

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Price: $10 from tisserand.com
This was recommended to me by a pharmacist, so I had no worries about trying it out. It comes in a small bottle with a roll on end, similar to a roll on deodorant, which you use to β€˜massage’ your forehead. You only need to apply a little for your headache to start to ease away... It’s a fantastic alternative to pills. It didn’t seem to help with big headaches, though.

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