8 Ways Celebrities Cure Their Hangovers ...

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get so drunk, but always seem to be back on almost-top form the next day? I’ve often wondered how they do it... alcohol always seems to leave me feeling tired and rubbish! I’ve been researching how celebs cure their hangovers, and here are my favourites...

1. Daniel Craig

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Daniel Craig gets over his hangovers by making himself sweat. It actually works! Whether you work hard at the gym or relax in the sauna, sweat the alcohol out, and you’ll feel human again in no time. Which is quite amazing!

2. Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet always looks fresh as a daisy, so I was interested to learn her trick! Her suggestion? Eating a sausage and bacon sandwich, with a glass of fruit juice, and going back to bed. Then wake up with a shower! The sleep gives the nutrients chance to work, and you’ll be feeling and looking as good as new.

3. Kylie Minogue

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Kylie has been to so many celebrity functions, so she’s definitely had enough time to try all the cures! Her failsafe? Eating eggs sandwiches. I have no idea why this would work, so I tried it... for some reason, it really does! I’ve kept some emergency eggs in my fridge from now on...

4. Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay swears by kedgeree, which his wife makes for him when he gets home. It’s an odd cure, but it tastes delicious, and if it works for the chef god... here’s a link to the recipe if you need one! timesonline.co.uk

5. Robbie Williams

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I had a HUGE crush on Robbie as a child, so I’ll try anything he suggests! His cure of a relaxing cup of tea, combined with a favourite snack (like a mars bar!) and some crisps, and then some fruit juice, gives the body all it needs to start to recover!

6. Cameron Diaz

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"An Egg McMuffin from McDonald's and a beer. You have to drink more of the alcohol you've killed yourself with. Hair of the dog, that's what it is. And you have to get grease. Grease is the only cure for a hangover." I love Cameron’s solution.. .it’s definitely worth trying! After all, if it doesn’t actually cure your hangover, your sure to feel a lot better anyway!

7. Brad Pitt

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Since Brad has become a parent, he’s found it the best hangover cure ever! Find something to focus on, and you’ll find your hangover much easier to manage. Not only will you drink less, due to having something to do the next day, but you’ll also wake up focused, jump in the shower, and be ready to go.

8. Kate Hudson

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Not only does Kate have flawless skin, but she has amazing blonde hair too... it always looks so hydrated and pristine, that I’m surprised she ever drinks! "I'll drink lots of tomato juice, have fresh fruit, an avocado and take loads of vitamins!" Kate’s plan works really well, by filling the body with nutrients and vitamins which make it feel revitalized and rejuvenated. It’s my never-fail cure!

Between nutrients and sleep, the celebs seem to have their hangover cures sorted, and I’m testing them all to see which ones work the best for me... after all, no one likes hangovers! Have you got a hangover cure that never fails? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Brian_Auer

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