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How to Cure Acne Naturally ...

By Dr. Rama

1 Most People Try to Cure Acne on Their Own by Using Products with Harsh Chemicals!!

Consumers are often drawn by the lure of a quick fix. But the fact is that, harsh chemicals can lead to skin damage and side effects to your skin.

Harsh chemicals such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc, are common active ingredients in chemically based OTC acne products.

• These products almost always never work effectively for moderate to severe acne. Take some time, browse the internet, and you will easily find thousands of bad reviews for these products
• Though these acne products can be effective at clearing mild breakouts, they rob the skin of natural oils- leaving skin dry, red and irritated. Remember, just because a product is OTC doesn’t mean it is safe or effective

Almost all people get acne skin problems at certain point of time in their life. Normally acne problems start with pimples, but if it is not cured properly,

The use of harsh chemicals can lead to following side effects:

• Redness
• Swelling
• Skin becomes photo sensitive (beware of direct sunlight!)
• Severe acne breakout
• Results do not last
• Blackheads

2 Harsh Chemicals Demand That Customers Use Them Continuously!!

Or else you could breakout even worse than before. This is because harsh chemicals do nothing to restore balance to your oil or bacteria production. Your skin needs a certain amount of natural oil to be healthy. Most OTC products create a dependency, forcing you to keep buying the product as it dries your skin out further.

Benzoyl peroxide has been known to bleach hair and skin, and it is advisable to avoid using such harsh chemicals for acne skin problems. Human facial skin is soft and delicate and can’t be treated with harsh chemicals. It’s always better to use natural acne products.

Natural and Ayurvedic acne products are suited for people with any level acne…

Humans form natural symbiosis with plants. The advantage that herbs have over man-made chemicals is that nature sensibly packages her own chemicals in well-balanced and minute proportions so that their safe assimilation is assured. By reaching right down to the cause, not just alleviating the symptoms, they ensure a gradual and realistic return to health and skin homeostasis.

Acne treatment will always vary with person, as each individual’s skin reacts to treatment in different ways. But natural treatments are never harmful. Moreover, Ayurvedic treatments like turmeric have been extremely effective for thousands of years for all types of acne. Avoiding harsh chemicals and using natural blend acne products always gives effective results on a long term basis.

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