8 Tips on Preventing a Hangover ...


8 Tips on Preventing a Hangover ...
8 Tips on Preventing a Hangover ...

One intense hangover can be enough to cause a person to decide against drinking heavily. I've known quite a few people who continue to drink a lot and then complain the next day about the massive hangover they have. I'd chalk this up to poor planning or lack of will-power. It is possible to enjoy alcoholic beverages without having a hangover the next day. Here are 8 tips on preventing a hangover.

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Drink Alcoholic Beverages That Aren’t Carbonated

The carbonation in mixed beverages causes alcohol to be absorbed quicker into the blood stream. This means it's probably not a good idea to add Red Bull or some other carbonated drink to any alcoholic beverage. Carbonated drinks might taste less alcoholic, but your body is actually getting more alcohol faster than if you simply skipped the carbonation all together.


Choose Beverages That Are Less Concentrated

Beer and wine is a lot less concentrated than harder liquor and most mixed drinks. Drinking a pint of beer isn't nearly the same as drinking a pint of whiskey. Hard liquor has a much higher proof; therefore it takes a lot less of it before you start to feel its effects. Sipping on a glass of wine lessens the chance of a hangover, since it will take a lot more wine to cause you to become inebriated. Hangovers don't usually occur until after the drinking has stopped.


Drink a Glass of Milk

Do this before drinking anything with alcohol in it. The milk will add a coating to the stomach and slow the absorption of alcohol. It isn't always common to ask for a glass of milk while you're sitting down at the bar, so be sure to drink a glass before heading to the bar. If you drink the milk too long before heading out, the milk coating on your stomach lining won't be as protective as it would be if you drink the milk right before consuming alcoholic beverages.


Know Your Physical Limits

People who don't know how much alcohol they can tolerate tend to have the worst hangovers of all. These individuals will chug drink after drink until they can no longer stand or remember where they are. If you know just how many drinks you can have before you become too far gone, then the chance of a hangover is usually a lot less likely.


Don’t Participate in Intense Drinking Games

Drinking games are notorious for causing excruciating hangovers the next day. Games that involve drinking large quantities of alcohol in a short period of time cause the blood alcohol level to rise very quickly. These games tend to end when everyone is too drunk to keep playing or they pass out. Participating in drinking games can be fun, but it's always good to know when you should quit.


Eat Food before Consuming Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking on an empty stomach is going to allow the alcohol to affect you a lot faster than if you eat a meal before hand. Even if you only eat a sandwich, this is better than nothing at all. Fatty foods are supposedly the best to eat before a night of drinking or any alcohol consumption. If you are having alcohol with your meal, take a few bites before taking a drink.


Try Not to Drink when You Are Angry

Angry drinking tends to involve pounding alcoholic drinks down as fast as possible, which usually ends in a night of hazy happenings. Most people who start drinking when they are angry only become even angrier. The madder a person becomes, the more he or she tends to drink. It is a vicious circle that tends to stop rather abruptly and is followed by a fantastic hangover the next day.


Drink Lots of Water

This tip sort of follows the trend of not going out to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. It also helps to keep you hydrated, which is most helpful in preventing a hangover. Becoming dehydrated is usually what triggers a headache the day after a night of drinking. You might be taking in a lot of liquids, but not enough of the liquid your body needs to keep functioning properly; water.

These 8 tips on preventing a hangover might be helpful if you seem to have reoccurring episodes involving hangovers after drinking. A lack of water does seem to be the main culprit in causing hangovers for most people. Whether you are drinking socially or relaxing on your own, try drinking at least one glass of water every now and then. It really does help! What tips for preventing hangovers do you have to share with others?

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Eating almonds before drinking helps too and eating honey during a hang over helps you bodie get rid of the toxins faster or if you can find some menundo that's a awesome help too but I don't recommend asking what's in it lol

The dreaded hangover! I have learned the hard way that my limit is 5 drinks. If only I could always stick to that.

Sorry spelled that wrong its Menudo

How to delete one? (for the record It is wine tester and not Taster)

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